DIY Bedrooms for a Studio Unit: Bed Curtains


Whether you rent or buy, studio units are typically the most affordable options in the market in any given area. This is why, if you want to live small, studios are some of the best options you have. The only problem is, if you’re going to share the tiny space, you’ll want to have some cozy, private space for yourself. In this series, we’ll share a few tips in how you can create some privacy for small spaces.

For our first post in the series, we’re featuring the use of curtains to create an easy bedroom for your studio apartment. Curtains are easy to install. extremely affordable, and are highly versatile. You can change them with minimal fuss and can make your space feel a lot cozier.

To help you create a cozy mini-bedroom for your small space, we’ve rounded up some inspirations from all over the web. Check them out below!

studio apartment bedrooms

studio apartments bedrooms

The best thing about using curtains is that it helps create a definitive divider for your space without requiring a lot of effort to install and change up. It gives you the privacy you need without spending a lot as well.
If you’re not too keen about curtains inside your studio, watch out for our other suggestions how to create a more private space in small bedrooms. We’ll be posting more this week, so stay tuned!

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