Traditional Filipino Bedrooms with a Modern Touch

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With the modern times comes our easy exposure to Western trends and aesthetics, but this doesn’t mean that we should forget where we came from. For many of us, Filipino design is still the best design style there is. It is familiar, nostalgic, timeless, and ideal for the climate – everything that locals most likely look for in an interior design theme.

If you’re planning to create a Filipino look for your bedroom, you can get inspired with these homes that are #ProudlyPinoy.

filipino bedroom 1

The space may be modern, but everything about this bedroom spells Filipino aesthetics. We love the headboard made from salvaged wood from the owners’ old home and the ottoman at the foot of the bed.

filipino bedroom 2

Big open windows (that are made with capiz) are popular elements in old Filipino homes and this restored bahay-na-bato is as open as it can be, perfect for the humid temperatures of Manila!

filipino bedrooms 3

Okay, so this one isn’t a modern take on a traditional Filipino home, but it can be a good source of inspiration in case you want to go all out on your project.

filipino bedrooms 4via

If you’re not too keen on the bahay-na-bato look, a bahay kubo with sawali walls can be a great option. Aside from the presko feel these natural walls offer, they also bring in a lot of visual interest for your tropical space.

filipino bedrooms 5

As the Philippines is basically a tropical paradise, you can expect a lot of homes here to be designed to let the outside so it doesn’t get too stuffy inside. Canopy beds were popularly used by the elite to hold up mesh fabric that also functions as mosquito nets.

With all the modernity embracing the country nowadays, it’s still great to see a number of homes who stick to their roots and values history at home.

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