Why You Can’t Keep Your Bedroom (and Home) Clean

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One of the most common routines most of the populace share is the need to tidy up our homes every so often. It seems like despite our regular effort to clean up, the mess keeps coming back and, honestly, it tends to get old. Just imagine how much time you can spend on other things if you don’t have to spend an our or two cleaning every week!

messy bedroom

Of course, you can also opt to live in the midst of all the mess. If you’re not too particular, there’s really nothing wrong with living in an untidy space. It may not be pleasing to the eyes, but it can save you (and your sanity) from having to tidy up every so often, as long as it doesn’t affect your sleep and your home is not filthy and unsanitary.

If you can’t deal with a messy house but all the cleaning up is already driving you nuts, then maybe, before you pick up another shirt on the floor, you should ask yourself why you can’t keep your bedroom clean.

Apparently, there are tons of reasons why keeping a house clean is an impossible feat for some people. For one, there’s just so much clutter. Having too much stuff makes it so hard to tidy up a space because there’s nowhere else to put them. Especially if you have limited living space, owning a lot of things can be the major cause why you can’t keep your home tidy. What you need to do is learn how to purge and live minimally. With all the things you have, it’s highly likely that you’re not even using all of them anyway, so why not give some away to family or charity? You can also opt to do a garage sale and profit even just a little from the things you really don’t use anymore.

messy bedroom

Another reason why bedrooms can’t be kept clean is the fact that you tend to procrastinate. Sometimes, we get lazy to put an item back in the closet, drawer, or shelf, leaving them on top of a table, seat, the floor, or even the bed. This, of course, creates unnecessary mess that can be avoided by being a bit more disciplined in putting back stuff where they belong.

Actual dirt can also be a primary cause of your bedroom being perennially dirty. In some areas, dust is a common issue, so to minimize this problem, close the windows when you don’t have to be in the room and make use of heavier curtains to keep the dust out. Dust isn’t really something that you can get rid of, so if this is you main problem at home, you can’t easily cut corners and you’ll have to dust, wipe surfaces, and vacuum regularly.

The next time you ever wondered why your bedroom keeps needing to be tidied up, these reasons should easily explain it. And always remember that you can actually cut down your need to clean up if you just remember to do a thing or two.


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