Sleeping With Pets: The Pros & Cons

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There’s no doubt that every pet-owner is emotionally attached with their fur babies, so much so that some even can’t bear to make their pets sleep in a crate or a separate bed. As we all know, sleeping with a loved one can be more relaxing, and the constant touching and assurance that they are right next to you, even while you’re catching some zzz’s, tend to provide a good sense of security. This is why it just makes sense that some people like to share their beds with their pets.

This is why it has been long debated whether it is good or bad to sleep with your pets. From our standpoint, we tend to tell our customers that sleeping with their fur babies is not a good idea. Why? Here are some reasons:

1. Untrained pets can ruin your mattress.

We all know that every Salem Bed is an investment, so we only want you to get the most out of your purchase. Sleeping with an untrained pet, however, could easily damage your unit, as mattresses aren’t really designed to withstand excessive exposure to bodily fluids. As we use polyurethane foam in our products, chances are, pee will get absorbed into the mattress and getting rid of the stench can be a hassle. While drying it can be quite simple, as you can always use a blow dryer to dry up the wet patch, the smell could linger. This, of course, can be a good way to affect your sleep and put a good purchaseĀ  to waste.

2. They can disrupt your sleep.

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Like humans, pets have their own ways when they are asleep. Some kick, others snore, while there are also who like to scratch non stop in the middle of the night. Sharing a bed with sleepers like these can be a nightmare especially if you tend to sleep lightly and any movement wakes you up.

3. They can cause allergies.

Pet dander is one of the most common causes of allergic reactions among humans. If you or your partner suffer from this type of allergy, it is very likely that sleep will be pretty elusive if you want to share your bed with your fur baby.

4. Your partner might not want to sleep with your pets.


A lot of couples tend to have varying opinions when it comes to sharing the bed with someone else. Some folks don’t want to co-sleep with kids, while are very willing to share their bed with pets. Others prefer having their beds all to themselves. This is why before you let your pet in the bed, make sure to ask your partner first whether they’re okay with it. It can be hard to fall asleep knowing that someone important to you is clearly upset, right?

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However, studies show that sleeping with your pets can also be a great way to end the day. In a survey conducted by the Mayo Clinic, a huge chunk of the subjects have reported to sleep with their pets without any negative effects. They say that their fur babies do not disrupt their slumber and even “helped improve sleep by providing warmth, contentment, or relaxation. Individuals also claimed that having a pet in bed made them feel a sense of companionship when sleeping alone due to a lack of partner or a traveling partner.”

As almost every pet owner tend to consider their pets to be family members, it’s just normal that many would want to be together with their fur babies as much as they can. And since we spend most of our time sleeping, it is easy to understand that some folks like to have their pets just an arm length away. Especially if their partner frequently travels, having someone else, may it be a squishy fluff ball, to share the bed with can be a great thing.

So, should you sleep with your pet? The answer depends largely on how your fur baby affects your sleep. If you sleep more comfortably with them by your side, the choice is really yours. However, if you get disturbed by their nocturnal habits, maybe getting them their own beds would help you sleep better.


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