The Case of Chronic Snooze-itis

chronic snooze itis

A lot of us are emotionally attached to the snooze button. For many, it feels like the savior of our  sleep as this great technology has always allowed many to get five or more minutes of shuteye every morning. Hitting the snooze button has been a habit to so many, that for some, it’s already an addiction that can be difficult to get rid of.

Dubbed in this Vogue article as the snooze-itis, constantly hitting the snooze button does have some bad effects for the body. For one, repeated snoozing subjects you to repeated sleep disruption. This means that a sleep cycle doesn’t get completed, leaving you even more tired and sleepy than when you were first woken up by your alarm. This puts you in an even worse shape, as you won’t feel refreshed and fulfilled by your slumber, despite sleeping all night long.

Snoozing your alarm repeatedly also makes you lose time for your morning routines, causing many to stumble and rush about on their way to work. Say you’ve set your alarm 1.5 hours before the start of your shift. With at least 30 minutes of commute and an hour of preparing for the day ahead, you only have enough time to get to work on time. If you choose to snooze, you will have to sacrifice a few things like having to miss breakfast, skip on wearing some make up, and may even arrive completely late at the office. Not to mention that you’re already grumpy and irritable because you feel like you didn’t get enough sleep. Not a great way to start the day, is it?

Some research also say that productivity is lower among those who have the snooze-itis. As these folks choose to procrastinate with waking up, it is also very likely that they choose to procrastinate with other tasks as well. Time management is also affected by snoozing, as it can totally throw off your day’s schedule.

So, how do you deal with the snooze-itis? It actually takes some determination to get rid of this sort-of ailment as it can really take a lot out of you to get up with the alarm. However, once you’ve given it a shot, you can discover a lot more benefits in the process. It can even improve your sleep, as waking up at the same time everyday can set your circadian rhythm into a regular course.

We know that waking up can be extra difficult if you sleep on a cozy Salem Bed, but keep in mind that the length of your slumber doesn’t always equate to quality sleep. So enjoy your Salem Bed accordingly and improve your sleep by avoiding the snooze button as much as you can.


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