Why Getting More Sleep is the Best New Year’s Resolution for 2016

best new years resolution

For many of us, getting more sleep is a goal for the New Year. With our hectic schedules and tons of responsibilities, it’s very easy to choose to stay up late and finish one more task rather than get some shuteye. However, doing this easily means having to live your life yawning.

If you want to successfully sleep more this 2016, the first thing you should do is erase the misconceptions about slumber. Many think that those who make a point to catch some zzz’s are lazy and are willing to waste their time asleep. While, for some, sleep can be their escape to responsibilities and problems, this isn’t always the case. Sleep is actually a magnificent tool to boost your productivity, creativity, learning, and mood among other things, allowing you to perform better. This is why more and more experts campaign for better sleep, as it can be highly beneficial, not only for individuals, but for institutions as well.

In an article penned by the Business Adviser, for some entrepreneurs, sleep is now considered as a status symbol. Just like organic food, the latest workout craze, and high end exercise equipment and gadgets, sleep is now recognized by big wigs to be beneficial to their success.

You might be wondering how can such a long downtime help you gain success. It’s pretty simple actually as you have to schedule your day efficiently so you can get ample sleep. This means:

You gain more control over your activities and life in general. As you need to have at least 8 hours of down time come night time, you have to make the best use of your time. You need to skip doing unnecessary tasks and actually focus with what you have to finish. This allows you to get better grip on things and prevent yourself from getting sidetracked by various possible distractions.

You also learn to manage your time better. If you want to catch some zzz’s but you have so much to do, you need to learn to prioritize and handle your time effectively. Successful people may have a million things to do before the sun comes down, but with effective time management and delegation, you can actually achieve your daily goals and get ample shuteye.

You can actually become healthier. A healthy body is one of the top goals among many individuals, so if you’re trying your luck in boosting your immune system, a healthy sleep regimen is one of the best weapons you should have. Quality sleep offers endless health benefits, making it the best step in improving your health in 2016.


Hopefully, we’ve made a good case in convincing you that sleep should be at the top of your New Year’s Resolutions for 2016. With the great number of benefits it can bring for your health and performance, it should be a top priority to get more of.


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