Holiday Sleep Tips (First in a Series)

holiday sleep tips first

With the holidays fast approaching, it is just normal for everyone to be a little bit busier than the usual. Parties, get-togethers, special gatherings, and reunions fill everyone’s calendars, not to mention all the shopping, cleaning, and receiving guests in between. This is why a lot of us end up relegating sleep to the backseat, deciding to squeeze an additional task or two before hitting the sack.

To avoid having to sacrifice sleep over everything you have to do during the Yuletide season, we’ve rounded a number of handy tips to help you deal with the upcoming holidays. These tips will be available in a series of blog posts, so make sure to stay tuned for new ones for the next weeks to come.

1. Plan ahead

Schedule everything. And we mean everything. This means you should schedule not only your parties, but also your major household chores, including general cleaning, decorating, and maybe receiving guests. This way, you have a clear view of the time you have, so you can also plan accordingly and prioritize.

to do list

2. Keep your sleep schedule

One of the dangers of the holiday season is the late nights we all tend to have during parties and events. This, of course, will affect our sleeping schedules, so you have to be very mindful about your bedtime during this season. If you can, make sure to sleep and wake up at the same time you usually do, so you can make sure that you’re still getting enough sleep and so you won’t feel groggy and awful by the time that the holidays are over.

sleeping boy

3. Prioritize

Armed with a list of things to do, weigh every task you have at hand. Then look at which ones you need to get done ASAP and deal with those first. When you’re so busy, you should never procrastinate, as running out of time will definitely stress you out more. Prioritizing will also help you have a good look at the things you need to do, and maybe even cut down your list if the other ones aren’t really necessary.

4. Instead of worrying about the things you need to do, think of your achievements for the day when you go to bed.

As the down time of going to bed makes it the best moment for contemplation, we’re all prone to fretting and worrying once our heads hit our pillows. And with everything you need to do before the holiday comes in, it can be perfect to recount all of the things that you have to accomplish once you’re already lying in bed. This can easily hamper your sleep and leave you wanting for more come daylight.


What you should do is recount your accomplishments for the day instead. This will help you feel better and productive, giving you some peace of mind and relaxation at the end of the day. It will also help you fall asleep better, as you won’t be too worried about how you will finish everything you need to do for the next day.


This holiday season, give yourself the gift of sleep, whether in the form of actual slumber, or with a new Salem Bed. Make sure to also watch out for our other sleep tips for the holiday season this week, as we’ll be posting more handy tricks in how to get more zzz’s despite your busy social calendars.

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