Bright vs Dark: Which Bedroom Feel Should You Go For?

bright vs dark

One of the questions when it comes to painting the bedroom is which way a homeowner should go: dark or bright? For most of us in the Philippines, the choice can be pretty easy. Bedrooms are typically made bright, so it won’t feel stuffy and suffocating from the heavy humidity and tropical heat. However, some who are willing to be a bit bold and adventurous may want to opt for a darker bedroom. So, if you’re torn between two options, we have a few tips that may just help you.

1. Not all bedrooms look great when painted white.

For some people, they believe that white can quickly transform a dark room into a brighter and livelier space. However, stylist and interior decorator Emily Henderson begs to differ. According to Henderson, if your bedroom is already dark to begin with – minimal natural light, south-facing, etc. – painting it white will make it feel flat. What you can do instead is to paint it with a different neutral color to make it appear more alive. To help you get started, here’s some of her suggestions for paint colors for your dark room.


2. If your bedroom gets light even during the night, darker walls may help you sleep better.

It’s a fact that our body needs the darkness to start feeling sleepy and actually fall asleep, so if your bedroom gets a lot of light from outside – especially if you’re situated near a commercial area or a bright street light streams right through your bedroom window – darkening the space up a little bit with the help of deep colors and heavy drapes will help you deal with the light seeping through your bedroom at night.

3. Going dark takes a lot of guts.

The thing with a bright bedroom is that it’s actually a very safe choice. If you opt to paint a room white, the worst you can get is a drab space that you can, of course, spruce up with some detailing, or an extra coat of different paint color. With dark paint, though, things can get from fabulous to fail if you can’t pull it off properly. However, if you’re willing to risk it, the turnout can be marvelous.

dark bedroom

dark bedroom

4. Maybe try an accent wall first.

If you can’t commit to a fully dark bedroom just yet, you can try it out on one of your walls first. This way, you can get the feel of your chosen color and decide whether you’re ready to go all out or not.

In the end, it’s all up to you whether to go dark or bright with your bedroom. With the many pros and cons of both these polar opposite interior design styles, make sure to really weigh your options and think your decision through before making a call, so you don’t end up regretting the new look of your bedroom. As this space is intended for relaxation, it shouldn’t stress you out that you weren’t able to pull off what you want to do in the area, as it might reflect in your ability to unwind and doze off in that room.


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