Travel Essentials to Ensure Your Quality Sleep


For some of us, traveling means a vacation – a time for rest and relaxation. Others need to travel for work. But whatever the nature of your travels may be, one thing can be certain for a good chunk of the population: sleep isn’t guaranteed.

A lot of us experience difficulties in sleeping when required to spend the night in a hotel or a different home. Typically known locally as “namamahay” or feeling unsettled in another place that isn’t their home, making it difficult for a person to fall asleep or do other natural activities, a lot of people lose sleep when they’re not in their very own bed. This, of course, can be a hassle, especially if you want to enjoy a vacation.

So, what should you do to lessen the unfamiliarity and be able to doze off without a fuss when you tend to experience pamamahay during your travels? Here are some of our suggestions:

Use an eye mask.

eye mask

Some homes and hotel rooms tend to be bright even during the night. It can be due to the location or design of the place. So, if you’re used to sleeping in total darkness, an eye mask is your handy friend. Bring along one and use when you hit the sack to keep you away from disturbing lights.

Bring something familiar from your own bedroom.

Especially if you’re going to stay in a different place for an extended period of time, it’s best to make yourself better acquainted with your new accommodations. To do this, bring a few things from your own bedroom to make the space feel more familiar. For a few night’s stay, you can always easily take your favorite pillow and blanket along with you. For longer stays, you may be able to take your own curtains or even mattress. It all depends really on what will make you feel more comfortable in the space, so if you have something in particular that you know you can’t leave behind and bringing it along wouldn’t be too difficult, make sure to take it with you.

Ear plugs and white noise apps are handy items that can help you doze off.

For some people, it’s the noise (or the lack of it) that gets to them when they’re sleeping somewhere different. If you’re the type whose used to sleeping somewhere quiet, a few pairs of ear plugs will prove to be handy in battling with the noise that tends to disturb your sleep. However, if it’s the other way around, a white noise app can help generate the background sounds that will lull you to sleep.

sleeping woman

The goal in beating pamamahay is to make yourself feel as comfortable as you can when staying in a different place. So, if you have other quirks and particularities when it comes to getting a home-y vibe to a space, you should consider taking whatever it is, so you can feel more familiar with a place. Just don’t confuse pamamahay with missing your family, though, because sometimes, you just can’t bring your whole family with you on your travels.

Hope we’ve helped you deal with this sleep problem. If you have other suggestions and recommendations, leave a comment below or send us an e-mail through


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