How to Wake Up Refreshed and Not Feeling Like a Zombie


For some people, waking up in the morning is one of the hardest things to do. Some chalk it up to the fact that they are not morning people, while others know it’s because they go to bed way too late when they know they have to be up early the next morning. Whatever the cause is, really, waking up groggy and disoriented is an actual thing, but not something you can’t avoid.

Known as “sleep inertia“, waking up groggy in the morning is typically caused by abrupt awakening during REM sleep, which means you have not fully completed your sleep cycle and that you’re not ready to wake up just yet. During REM sleep, you still have high levels of melatonin, which causes sleepiness. This makes waking up abruptly during this sleep stage difficult and disorienting, as the human body is really not too keen on not completing its job.

As feeling groggy is the main effect of sleep inertia, it can pose dangers to a person. Sleep inertia can last from 30 minutes to four hours, which could easily put anyone suffering from it in danger, especially if they have to handle heavy machinery during that time frame.

If you’re someone who tends to suffer from sleep inertia on a regular basis, there are a few things you can do to deal with it. This handy infographic from British retailer My Bed Frames, will provide you a number of options in combating that morning grogginess.

16 Ways to Combat That 'Groggy Morning' Feeling

To learn more about sleep inertia, you can also read this article by the Valley Sleep Center.


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