Sleeping In vs. an Early Morning Workout

bed exercise

With today’s modern lifestyles, finding time to workout can be a hassle. Most people are already too tired after work to spend some time to sweat, making the mornings the most attractive times of the day for a workout. If you’re one of those people who are thinking of waking up earlier to get some exercise, you should weigh your pros and cons first.

The great thing about working out in the morning is that it can help you get a great kickstart on your day. By exercising early, you get to enjoy the energy rush to your body at the start of your day, letting you stay more alert and awake the whole day. You will also feel a lot lighter and in a better mood.

The only con about working out early in the morning is the fact that you probably have to wake up earlier than the usual. If you usually get up at 7 am to make it to work by 8 am, squeezing in an early morning run will need you to wind your alarm clock up by another 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the duration of your exercise.

Those who consider themselves as morning persons may not have a problem with this adjustment, but if you’re a night owl, this can be a difficult undertaking. Keep in mind that in the morning, waking up 5 minutes later feels a whole lot different.

early morning workout

What should be a clincher to the dilemma of sleeping in or working out early in the A.M. is the time you usually go to bed. If you tend to sleep late, it’s best if you skip early morning workouts.

For those who sleep late, it’s best to sleep in rather than work out early in the morning. As exercise and sleep are both important, sacrificing one for the other doesn’t really make a lot of sense. Working out while sleep deprived doesn’t put you in the best shape for heavy activities, which could result to injuries or accidents. As you’re also most likely lack the energy to exert a lot of effort to exercise, it’s also expected that you won’t be able to get the most out of your workout anyway.

As for your workout, you can always schedule it in the evening, or as soon as you wake up after a full night’s sleep. If you sleep late, it’s likely that you’re not supposed to go to work early the next morning, so if you can squeeze in 30 minutes before you have to prepare for your midday shift, that will also be a great time to sweat it out.

So if you’re thinking about skimping out on sleep just so you can get some exercise, please rethink your options. Sleep and exercise aren’t either/or options, but are both necessary for your health, so sacrificing one for the other isn’t something we’d recommend.


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