Sleep & Exercise: Equal Partners in Getting Good Health

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So, you’re trying to change your lifestyle to improve your health and lessen the risks of getting serious diseases as you age. You’ve found an excellent hobby that also provides a great workout while letting you spend time with your loved ones. You’re choosing healthier meals rather than fast food and getting a good load of nutrients to ensure you get the proper nourishment you need. However, something still feels a bit off. You still don’t feel like you’re at your best and may even be a bit sluggish all the time. What could possibly be wrong?

In most cases, the problem can be traced back to the amount of shuteye they get on a daily basis. Adults need at least seven to nine hours of sleep regularly, but most of us do not get as much. This is why we run around like zombies – sluggish and groggy – and rely heavily on caffeine to function properly in the morning.

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The thing with trying to live healthy is that there’s no shortcut for it. You can’t just pick out the things you want to do and expect to get in top shape by doing just that. The right formula includes a healthy diet, exercise, and the right amount of sleep.

Yes, sleep. Whether you like it or not, quality sleep is an important ingredient in the whole healthy body cocktail. During sleep, your body heals and rejuvenates itself, readying you to face the next day. It also gives you the energy for your workout scheduled the next day. If you’re also doing some serious workouts, it is best to sleep more so your body can get enough rest, rebuild muscle, and replenish nutrients. These are all important so you can build endurance, be more accurate, and improve your speed. Take it from the pros, if you want to do well in your sport, sleep is just as vital as spending hours in training.

Sleep and exercise go hand in hand, really. With ample sleep, you get to have the power that you can use to sweat it out at the gym and with the right amount of exercise, you get to have better quality slumber.

So the next time you think about cutting down on sleep so you can spend an extra hour on your workout, stop for a while and maybe take a nap. Experts say that if you’re gonna miss sleep for exercise, chances are, you won’t even have enough energy anyway to do your routines properly. It’s best to ensure that you’re in the right shape before doing some heavy exercises, so you can get the most out of your workout and avoid getting injuries.


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