How to Find Out if a Mattress is Right for You

right mattress banner

Being in the home furnishing industry for nearly half a decade already, we know just how challenging it is to find the right mattress. While there are tons of options available, it doesn’t necessarily make the choosing process easier and can even be a bit confusing at times.

This is why when asked, we always say that personal comfort should be the very thing you look for when shopping for a mattress. Aside from your budget, your personal comfort should be the deciding factor in making the call in which mattress you should get. Why? It’s pretty simple: if you’re not comfortable enough in your bed, you will find it difficult to fall asleep, rendering the mattress useful in the end.

As mattresses are not exactly cheap, your comfort should really be taken into great consideration when purchasing one. Since you’re already spending a good amount of hard earned money to provide you some comfort at the end of the day, wouldn’t it be just ideal for you to find an actually comfortable mattress to put your cash in?

To make sure that you’ll find the right mattress for you, here are some some tips:

  • Actually lie down on the mattress to get it’s feel for at least 10 minutes. This way, your body can get a good idea in how the mattress feels for longer periods of time.
  • Make sure to lie down in your common sleeping position. This can give you a good heads up whether you’ll feel strain on your pressure points or not.
  • Try as many mattresses as you can. Salem Beds, especially, offer a wide range of features and designs, so trying out just a few may cause you to miss out on other options available.
  • Never hesitate to ask your Salem Bed promodiser questions.

Extra tip, especially if you plan to purchase a Salem bed through our website: try our mattresses in one of our dealers or outlets first. It may seem counter-intuitive, but, then again, since you’re spending a good amount of cash in a mattress, it’s best if you are familiar with the item you’re going to purchase online. Besides, there are also a number of perks from purchasing through the website, like free delivery for orders P5k and up (for Metro Manila only), so you can still opt to test out a product in store and purchase online.

How to find out if a mattress is right for you? You’ll feel it once you’ve tried it. If you’ve found yourself getting cozy on top of the bed and ready to fall asleep despite the harsh lights of the furniture store, then take that model home.

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