Why You’re Extra Sleepy on Mondays

extra sleepy monday

There’s no doubt that Mondays are difficult. After two days of getting to do what you want, you are once again subjected to getting back on your routine and facing the dreaded rush hour traffic twice per day. Add to this the fact that you have to start the week feeling like a zombie and there’s just no way to fall in love with Mondays.

A lot of people ask, how come Mondays make you feel extra tired and sleepy? Come to think of it, Mondays do feel extra awful because you’re most likely groggy and sluggish. Aside from the overall dislike to go back to work or school, what could be the cause for your seemingly horrible misery on Mondays?

The simple answer here would be your sleep. Most likely, you’ve stayed up late and slept in during the day over the weekend. A lot of us have this bad habit of staying up too late on weekend evenings and preferring to catch up on some sleep the next morning by snoozing for an extra hour or three the following day.

Simply put, missing out on sleep on the weekend disrupts your Circadian Rhythm. Referred to as the “social jet lag“, it has the same effect to your body as when you travel as it makes your body feel like you’re putting it in a different time zone every time you stay up. This, of course, whacks your body’s inner clock, affecting your wakefulness and energy levels. In turn, it can leave you feeling sluggish come Monday, when your body still hasn’t recovered from the damage you have caused from changing your sleeping pattern.

So the whole time we’ve all been blaming Monday for making us feel horrible and out of sync, it’s really us who are at fault for staying up way too late during the weekend. It’s not really the fact that it’s Monday that’s bringing you down: it’s the fact that you have incurred some sleep debt during your days off.


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