Post-Recovery Bedroom Cleaning: How to Keep Viruses from Coming Back

post recovery cleaning

The rainy season not only brings a lot of monsoon rains and typhoons in the country but tons of illnesses as well. It’s not uncommon for us Filipinos to suffer from the flu, colds, and coughs after getting rained on or after a few days of unpredictable weather. The sudden shifts from hot to cold can really damage one’s immune system, especially if you’re sleep deprived to begin with, leaving you (and most likely your whole household) sniffing, sneezing, and wheezing for a few days.

With illnesses being extremely typical these days, it should also be a common practice to do a post-recovery clean up after a family member gets sick. This way, you can be sure to get rid of the virus and avoid having repeats in your home.

How to do these? Here are some tips:

Focus on your bedroom and bathroom

These two locations in your home are the most commonly used areas by ailing family members. Most stay in bed for days, only getting up to use the bathroom. Make sure to change the beddings, wipe surfaces, floors, doorknobs, and all sorts of handles – anything you have touched while sick – with disinfectant to kill and destroy the remaining micro-organisms that could bring harm back to your loved ones.

Air out your bedroom

air out your bedroom

While our windows are usually open to let some cool breeze in, airing out your bedroom and creating a cross air to better circulate fresh air is necessary to replace the stale air trapped in your space and make the room feel fresher and cleaner. If you can also get your mattress and pillows outside for some sunshine, it can help in cleaning them out and getting rid of the germs and bacteria that may still be lingering in them.

Wash sick clothes and beddings thoroughly


“De-germing”, as some people call it, also include thoroughly washing everything you wore and laid down in while you’re sick. Washing your clothes and beddings in warm water with disinfecting soap is the best way to ensure that your garments will come out clean and that no virus lingers on them after winning the bout against sickness.

Do not forget to clean intimate items you’ve been in contact with while sick

Glasses, mugs, plates, utensils, toothbrushes – basically anything that you have touched and made contact with your mouth – wash them thoroughly. If you can sterilize them, do so. If not, just wash them a few times before using them again. If you can replace them already (like your few months old toothbrush), get a new one. This way, you can be sure that your recovering immune system can get the time it needs to buff up before facing a virus again.

sick in bed

While getting sick is a normal occurrence in many households, finding ways to prevent them from spreading is something you should take for granted. Especially since most of our time is spent in our beds, it doesn’t hurt to do a general cleaning of your bedroom after you or your family members have recovered from an illness. As the saying goes, a little effort goes a long way, and by exerting this effort, you get to ensure great health for your household.


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