Bedroom Curiosities: Largest Bed in the World

largest mattress

If you have the chance to get a big bed, would you go for it? Imagine having all that room to move around in at night without fearing that you’ll fall off the bed and hurt yourself awake. This is probably why the folks at the Commissie Zomerfeesten St Gregorius Hertme in the Netherlands came up with the idea of creating the world’s largest bed.

World's Largest Bed

World's Largest Bed

Made for the Zomerfeesten St Gregorius or the summer festival of St. Gregorius in Hertme, Netherlands, the largest bed in the world measures 26.5 meters by 16.44 meters in 2011. It warranted an entry in the Guinness Book of World Records.


Bedroom Curiosities is Salem Bed’s latest blog category that aims to feature trivia about beds and sleep.


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