Product Suggestion: Hybrid Mattresses for the Indecisive

hybrid banner

Sometimes, making a decision can be hard. Especially with the great number of options available nowadays, you’re always having second thoughts and asking yourself whether you’re making the right choice. There’s also the chance of regretting your decision later on, which can weigh heavily in most people’s minds.

If you’re the type of person who just cannot make up your mind in just about anything, mattress shopping can be extra stressful for you. With the vast selection to choose from, picking just one can be a bit overwhelming for the indecisive. So, to help you out, take our hybrid mattresses in consideration.

Salem Beds’ hybrid mattresses are the perfect combinations of spring and foam materials, offering the best of both worlds for sleepers. The Salem Elite collection and the Renascence collection’s Somerset mattress fit the bill perfectly: spring and high grade memory and latex foams in one single comfort-filled package.

Salem Elite


Featuring four exquisitely designed mattresses, the Salem Elite collection is all about offering you luxurious comfort. This collection features pocketed spring systems, ensuring excellent back support, minimized sleep disturbance, lessened risks of allergies, and innovative qualities that will guarantee you a series of good night’s sleep. Topped with natural latex foam and new generation memory foam, the Salem Elite collection gives you a chance to enjoy thorough coziness night after night.

For more information about the Salem Elite collection, click here.

Renascence’s Somerset Mattress


The Renascence’s Somerset mattress is a lot like the Salem Elite collection as it also offers a great combination of spring and foam goodness. However, as the Renascence line offers memory foam and high grade polyurethane foam, it is a popular choice more mature sleepers. Memory foam is favored by older markets as it follows the body’s contours, providing ample resistance and support to different pressure points. By combining it with a pocketed spring system, extra benefits of better back support and movement isolation are added to the menu.

To read more about the Renascence collection, click here.


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