Design Highlight: Stencil Walls

stencil walls banner

When you’re starting to get bored with plain solid walls, one great alternative is to introduce some prints and patterns to your interiors. Wallpapers are some of the easiest solutions to this, although finding something that will suit your taste may prove to be challenging at times.

Another solution is to skip the hassle of finding the right wallpaper and by creating the pattern on your own. By using the stencil technique, you can create a unique accent wall for your interiors, allowing your space a one of a kind look.

The great thing about stenciling your walls is that it’s perfectly easy to do it yourself. With the numerous tutorials available online, you won’t find it a problem to get instructions in how to actually do it.

To help you get started, here are some inspirations and tutorials that you can try at home.

stencil walls Centsational Girl

For a detailed tutorial at stenciling your walls, this post by the Centsational Girl is definitely useful.

Stencil Walls Jones Design Company

Jones Design Company offers an alternative method in stenciling your walls.

Stencil wall A Beautiful Mess

Another simple tutorial at stenciling your walls from A Beautiful Mess.

Stencil walls Mermag Blog

If you want a less complicated pattern, you can also try this one from the Mermag Blog.

For the more skilled, you can aim for unique looks like these:

stencil walls MMontague

stencil wall So Much Better with Age

The great thing with stenciling your walls is that you can come up with your own designs and patterns and have a completely one-of-a-kind wall if you’re the creative type. If you’re not really big at designing, you can always purchase stencil patterns.


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