Sleep Information Resources to Check Out Today

Side view of mature couple sleeping in bed together

If your sleeping habit is less than stellar, the best way to deal with it is by learning as much as you can about sleep. To help you get started, you can always read through our blog for some useful information. However, if you want some resources that have come straight from sleep experts, we full understand. There are particularities that

1. Sleep.Org

Created by the National Sleep Foundation, Sleep.Org is an excellent online resource for all of your sleep information needs. It is a treasure trove of all the important data you’ll find useful in understanding sleep.

2. Sleep Quiz

sleeping couple

Do you think you know everything there is about sleep? Take this quiz and find out how much of an expert you are! The best thing about this quiz is that it enumerates the correct answers for every item, letting you know where you’ve answered incorrectly and gives a good elaboration of the correct answer.

3. Different medical journals like JournalSleep.Org, ESRS, and UCLA’s Center for Sleep Research

If you have the patience to read  through medical journals and publications, then you’ll find these links useful. Access to abstracts are easily available in these websites, but if you want to read the papers in their entirety, you may need to request for extra access or pay for subscription.

marilyn monroe

By learning more about sleep, you’ll be able to understand it better. With ample information, you can also assess your own sleeping habits better and adjust it for improvement, making these details necessary for those who struggle with catching some zzz’s.


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