Shared Bedrooms: 12 Ideas and Options

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Shared bedrooms are often a challenge for many homeowners as it not only challenges your capability to manage space, but also your ability to make it look good. As shared bedrooms typically have limited floor areas, making it ideal for the number of people who will share it without looking cramped can be a very daunting task.

For those with growing families and looking for ways to extend their young homes without spending too much, creating an effective shared bedroom is a must. So to help you out with this task, check out our collection of the most inspiring shared spaces from all over the web below.

Handmade Charlotte

Apartment Therapy

I am a Momma

Bunk beds are some of the most traditional options for shared bedrooms. They come in a wide range of designs and sizes, so you can always be sure that they’re perfectly easy to find.

 Urban Outfitters

 Apartment Therapy
Modify a bunk bed by using regular beds with a loft bed and you get yourself a unique and efficient space.
If your shared bedroom is for girls, this twist on bunk beds can also be a great idea. Having them on the same level and quite near each other will allow them to bond without really having to share a bed and depriving them some personal space.
Placing multiple single or twin beds inside a bedroom is also a nice way to create a shared bedroom.
Divided, yet open bedrooms are great example at how you can provide some privacy for each child without the total separation or need to renovate.
We love how untraditional swing beds are for shared bedrooms! They’re perfect if you have the space (and sturdy ceilings/beams).
There are tons of different ways to go about when creating a shared bedroom, so in case you’re planning on creating one, fret not. The ones cited above are just some of the few ideas that can inspire you and ultimately go with. Just remember, though, that comfort should always be your top priority in creating a shared bedroom. Next, of course, is safety, especially if you’re opting for bed bunks or lofted beds. Achieving these things will ensure that you’re on the right path in creating a quality shared space.

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