6 Artworks that Will Make You Wish You’re Curled Up in Bed Right Now

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Someone once said that good art should evoke an emotion or capture a feeling from its audience. This is why we’ve rounded up these artworks that have caused us to long for our beds. Take a peep at these exquisite works of art from different artists and you may also find yourself craving for the comforts of your own bed.


Puung is a South Korean illustrator who is popular for a series focused on a young couple’s life together. Her art evokes great longing among many, some even describe it as “how true love looks like.”

Pascal Campion

California-based artist Pascal Campion is adored by many for his charming illustrations that are quite dreamy.

Marta Antelo

Marta Antelo is an award-winning Spanish artist who has done illustrations for various publications from all over the globe. Her works are dainty and quite retro, giving them a certain charm that will surely make you sigh.

Rebecca Mock

Rebecca Mock is a New York based illustrator who has done a wide array of work for various publications. She is best known, though, for her surprising animations, sometimes referred to as ambient gifs, which gives a new spin on drawn art.


Not much information is available regarding Onji, this piece’s illustrator, but you can view his/her work by clicking on the link above.

John Cei Douglas

Noted for his unique use of colors and an identifiable drawing style, London-based artist John Cei Douglas illustrates a wide array of topics – from stories to editorials.

To see more about these artists’ works, click on the links provided above for their portfolios and websites. While away the day with us gandering through these whimsical works that will make you miss your bed even more.

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