Product Suggestions: Budget-Friendly Salem Beds


Budget is one of the most common deciding factors when it comes to purchasing a mattress. While there may be tons of other pressing needs, your budget can be very decisive, especially if you’re trying to be very frugal.

This is why, to help out those who are prioritizing their budgets, we’ve created our list of the most budget-friendly Salem products we can offer. Check out our list below and pick out which Salem bed you should get for your home.


Salem beds Classic primadonna

The Primadonna is one of our bestselling Salem beds. With its low price points and its great quality and feel, the Primadonna is an excellent contender for a budget mattress.

Salem’s Primadonna comes with a tight plush design with a Bonnel spring system in a 6.5 inch package. It is half quilted and made with high quality imported polyester fabric cover, ensuring your comfort.

For more information about the Primadonna, including the pricing, please click on this link.

R Foam


One of the more recent Salem products, the R Foam is a mattress made from rebonded foam. This makes it easily affordable and quite durable. Available in 2 inch and 4 inch heights, the R Foam is a great choice for sleepers on a tight budget.

To get more details about the R Foam, click on this link.

B Foam

b foam

The B Foam has always been one of the best selling products of Salem Beds. Affordable, high quality, and comfortable, it fits what many look for in a mattress. Add to the fact that it comes in 4 and 6 inch varieties, and you will surely have ample options to suit your sleep needs.

Read more about the B Foam here.

Sleepy Saver

Salem beds Classic sleepysaver small

While the Sleepy Saver isn’t the lowest priced item in the roster of Salem Bed products, it is definitely in the running for the best budget mattress there is. Durable and comfortable, this checkered mattress will surely give you a bang for your buck. True to its name, the Sleepy Saver definitely will save the sleepy.

Get to know the Sleepy Saver mattress even more by visiting this link.


With all of these options, we hope we’ve been useful in helping you find the right budget mattress for your home. If you want to compare Salem Bed products on your own, though, you can always browse through our selections in our website by clicking here.


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