Outdoor Sleeping Spaces for Your Home

 outdoor sleep banner

Since we live in a tropical country, there’s definitely no shortage of sunshine and warm weather all year round. This makes sleeping outdoors a common thing, as we’re always trying to get through the mid-day heat no matter what month it is. However, not many are still too keen about sleeping on a papag or a wooden bed nowadays. Especially with all the ideas you can get online, a modern twist for your outdoor sleeping spaces can already be pulled off easily.

To help you get started, we’ve rounded up a few outdoor beds that you can get inspired from. Check them out below.

outdoor canopy bedvia

An outdoor canopy bed is the perfect addition for your backyard, garden, or roof deck as it is very versatile, especially if you like to updating and switching your space’s look every so often. Complete it with a cozy mattress and maybe some type of overhead shade or some mosquito netting and you’re good to go for an afternoon outdoor nap.


Cabanas are the ultimate outdoor structures that typically house daybeds. Whether you have a pool or not, cabanas can easily be a great choice for your outdoor siestas.

sleeping porch 1

If you have a porch, patio, balcony, or any kind of covered open space within your property, adding a bed can be a great idea to make it useful during the warmer months.
 Do you have some unused space in your property that has nothing in it? Or maybe an old shed or garage that doesn’t see much use anymore? Why not turn it into a backyard cottage or a detached bedroom? Not only can this create a whole new personal space for you, but you may even be able to use it as a guest room (or even rent it out) with lots of privacy should the need arise.

Outdoor beds are excellent ways to relax despite the heat, as well as extend the usability of old mattresses. Just remember, however, that if you’re going to use actual mattresses for your outdoor lounging and sleeping space, cover it with a water resistant material to prevent it from being soaked. Especially with the Philippines’ unpredictable weather, leaving a perfectly good mattress under the ever-changing elements may easily damage or even destroy your mattress.

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