Why You Shouldn’t Force Yourself to Sleep

dont force sleep

Many of us have experienced tossing and turning in bed, trying to fall asleep, to no avail. Especially if you’re trying to start a new bedtime routine and you’ve decided to retire earlier than when you usually do, sleep may seem like an elusive mistress of the night.

The common response to these sleepless nights is to stay in bed and wait for Mr. Sandman to arrive. We’re all pretty guilty with this one. Instead of getting up and trying to do something else, we try to wait for sleepiness to come while laying in bed, feeling guilty about the time we’re wasting by staying awake.

While sweet slumber does eventually come for many, it doesn’t mean that doing this is ideal. What you don’t know is that tossing and turning in bed to fall asleep can be harmful. As sleep requires some calmness to achieve, being stressed out will only prolong your restlessness and delay your sleepiness. It may also condition your body to associate your sleeping space to the stress you experience when you can’t fall asleep, which, in turn, can make your bed and bedroom a lot less conducive for sleep.

The next time you find yourself having problems falling asleep, experts suggest that you get out of bed and try doing something else completely. By staying in bed, you’re just bound to get stressed about your sleeplessness, but if you choose to get out of the bedroom and look for something else to do, you’ll be able to get your mind off sleep and maybe tire yourself out a little bit. This way, sleepiness will come naturally, and allow you to doze off without a hitch.

If you want to prevent having to lay in bed all night while waiting for sleep, you can also try these tricks.


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