Electronic Screens and Their Effect on Your Sleep

electronic screen sleep banner

After a hard day of work, sleep is what everyone craves for. However, sleep doesn’t necessarily come easy to many. For some, no matter how tired they may be, dozing off proves to be a challenge. This difficulty can be caused by a wide array of reasons, but one of the things that might surprise you is the fact that electronic screens could be the very thing that’s delaying your slumber.

It has been established that light has specific effects on the body. It can easily cause wakefulness, as more light means its the day time, and the opposite means it’s already time for sleep. With the modern times, though, artificial light is all around. While this allows us to accomplish more, it also means that we’re more awake than ever.

electronics in bed

According to reports, blue light from electronics prevents the body’s release of the hormone melatonin, which is responsible in making us feel sleepy. Typically, melatonin gets released gradually as the night time falls, but with the exposure to glowing gadgets, our brain gets fooled into thinking that it’s still daytime.

While the light from our gadgets will not necessarily make us more alert and completely awake, especially after a long day of work, it can definitely keep us from falling asleep easily. By staring at electronic screens right before bed time, you may be disturbing your body’s circadian rhythm and unintentionally keeping it awake.

Kate Leth

So, if you’re the type who likes to browse the web or read on your electronics right before bed, you may want to stop doing it altogether. This seemingly harmless activity may just be the very cause of your sleeplessness.


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