Creative Ways to Decorate Your Four Poster Bed

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Four poster beds are some of the fanciest frame options for your bedroom. They’re extravagant and elegant, the perfect centerpieces to a beautiful space. If you’re thinking of adding a bit more flair to your bedroom, poster beds are great options.

With their versatility, there’s a multitude of ways how you can make poster beds work well for your interiors. You can keep them bare for a clean, classic, and minimalist look, but you can also put those post and beams to good use. How? Here are some excellent examples:

1. Fabric

C More design

Fabric is possibly the most common material used on poster beds as they not only add some pizazz to these frames, but also offer some additional privacy to the sleeper. You can use, a long stretch of fabric, regular curtains, or opt for mesh-like materials, so it can also double as mosquito nets.

There’s also a lot of ways how to decorate your bed with fabric. You can do it traditionally, using curtains on all sides or drape it on one portion. You can also use the beams nearest the wall as a rod to hang up tapestry or a printed fabric to use as a headboard. If you’re bold enough, you may be able to pull off the draped fabric look on your four-poster to give it that nonchalant chic vibe.

Simplified Building

2. Lights


Lights can also be excellent accent pieces, as they now come in a wide variety of styles and are extremely functional. You can either use string lights and drape them around the beams and poles of your canopy bed or just place a nice chandelier over your poster bed.

3. Embellishments





You can also let your creative juices flow when decorating your canopy bed. Hang anything you love and you’ll surely end up with an eclectic and quirky bedroom centerpiece.

4. Plants

Elle Decoration UK

Plants are also some of the great things you can use to decorate your four poster bed. Hang them up or have them crawl one of the posts for a natural and romantic look.

With all of the possibilities your four poster beds have to offer, there’s really no excuse in thinking it’s a boring piece of furniture. Jazz it up and you can enjoy not only a cozy place to rest, but also an exciting interior design element at the same time.

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