Styling Your Bed Pillows

bed pillow styling banner

When it comes to dressing up your bed, styling your pillows is a must. Especially if you like having a couple of pillows in different shapes and sizes, putting an effort in styling them can help your bed look more attractive, rather than a mess.

The great thing about styling your bed pillows is the fact that the learning process can be fun and exciting. As there are so many ways to go about styling your bed with the help of your pillows, this task will easily turn into a fun activity in no time.

To help you get started in styling your bed, check out our tips below:

1. Keep it plain

Photo by Erik Olsson via Delikatissen

The minimalist look is a massive trend right now as it offers a very clean and modern look. Aside from these, the minimalist look requires less effort, making it the perfect style for a simple, yet sleek living.

The minimalist way is also one technique you can also try to style your bed pillows. You can pull this off as simple as using plain pillow cases and stacking one pillow on top of another. You can do this either by having the pillows laid flat on the bed or against the headboard.

2. Matchy-matchy

matching pillowcase duvet cover

One of the more traditional techniques in styling bed pillows is by matching it with your comforter or duvet cover. It is also easy to pull off, as all you need is get a complete set or make a set on your own if you’re handy enough. To break the monotony, though, you can add in a simpler, complementing print or even plain ones.

matching set

3. Coordinate and Complement


If you want a bigger challenge, try coordinating and complementing prints for your pillows.

4. Layer

Chalet gstaad amaldi neder architectes

For a more polished look, layering your pillows is a great styling technique. If you have a number of pillows at hand and you like to put them all on your bed, this is the best and neatest method to display them and make your bed look cozier in the process.


Above is an easy diagram of how you place your pillows to make your bed look more stylish.

5. Add a pop of color

pop of color

Adding a pop of color is an easy solution to make things interesting in any space. These unexpected extras will easily liven up your bed without having to do much.

pop of color in a Paris apartment bedroom

These are just some of the many ways how you can style your pillows to add some charm to your space. Try these handy tricks on your Salem bed and you’ll surely end up with a cozier bedroom.


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