Oh, My G-Foam!


While innerspring mattresses are excellent options for bedding solutions, foams are still highly viable alternatives. For one, they’re typically more affordable, making them ideal for first time mattress owners.

However, while cheaper foam mattresses are more popular options for many, there’s nothing wrong in investing a little bit more on one as well. Especially since low priced foams tend to be softer, as they are made of low density polyurethane, those who require a firmer sleeping surface will find it more ideal to opt for a high density polyurethane variety. The latter will provide better back support and higher resistance, which is perfect for those who do not enjoy the sinking feeling foam mattresses tend to give.

When it comes to a great high density polyurethane foam mattress, the G Foam is a top contender from Salem Beds. Made with firm, high density polyurethane foam, the G Foam offers a great combination of a sturdy and soft surface. While it is manufactured from polyurethane, it’s construction is easily comparable with pricier rubber foam mattresses, giving buyers more bang for their buck.

To ensure the G Foam’s quality and cleanliness, it comes with a jacquard fabric cover which is imported from Indonesia. The fabric cover is quilted with a thin layer of low density polyurethane foam, which gives an additional cushioning to the mattress, ensuring the sleeper’s comfort.

Available in four and six inch varieties, the G Foam offers easy comfort that will perfectly suit your needs. With a five year warranty, you can be sure that the G Foam is a great option for your home.

For pricing and orders (for Metro Manila residents only), please visit www.Salem.ph.

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