Make Waking Up in the Morning Easy

waking up easy

Even if you consider yourself a morning person, there are days when getting out of bed can be difficult. Especially during the summer, because even when the nights are stifling hot, mornings still get pretty cool, making it the perfect time to be in bed.

But as mornings are mornings, you’ve definitely got places to go. This makes getting out of bed a lot more important and pressing. Delaying the imminent is pointless, although that fact doesn’t necessarily make it any easier.

Waking up nicely is also an integral part in having a good night’s sleep. Even if you’ve spent the previous night in sweet slumber, if you have a hard time waking up and find it stressful to get up in the morning, you’re not exactly really getting the most out of your nightly shuteye.

If you’ve ever wondered if there are ways that can help make your mornings easy (and you less grumpy), the good news is, there are a few tricks you can try. Here are some easy tips that you can try.

1. Place the alarm clock farther away from the bed.

We’re all used to having our alarm clocks either on our bedside tables or under our pillows. This makes it easy to set them up at night, and a lot simpler to hit the snooze button as soon as it goes off in the morning.

The bad thing about this set up is the convenience. As it is just an arm’s length from you, going back to sleep after you hit the snooze on your alarm is a lot simpler. While this sounds perfect for all the sleepyheads out there, it is also not doing you any favors in starting your day right. Snoozing will only make you get out of bed later, leaving you with less time to prepare and get to where you should be.

By putting your alarm clock a bit farther away from the bed, you’ll be forced to get up when the alarm goes off. Such an action will actually help you wake up, and may even make you think twice about going back to bed. This tip hits two bird at once, really, as it effectively wakes you up and prevents you from snoozing.

2. Jumpstart your day with a nice citrus-y scent.

citrus breakfast in bed

To feel more awake, you actually have to feel alert. To achieve this, you will have to kickstart your beta wave production, and one way to do that is by getting a whiff of something citrus-y. By either having a half cup serving of a citrus fruit or opening a bottle of a citrus-flavored essential oil, you can get your needed morning boost.

3. Jolt yourself awake with something cold.

To get yourself out of your grogginess, splashing on some cold water will totally help. It can easily wake your brain up and help you get rid of last night’s sleep. You can also try spending 10 seconds under the cold shower or placing frozen spoons on your eyes to de-puff your eyes from a long slumber.

4. No blackout shades on weekdays.

Especially if you’re the type that likes to hit the snooze on your alarm thinking that you still got time to prep, blackout shades could make getting up in the morning even harder, as the dimness will make you feel like it’s still night time. To help you get up easier, skip the black out shades during the days you need to get out of the house early and just treat it as reward for your off-days.

Ending your sleep on a good note ensures that you’re starting your day greatly as well. So aim not to get a good night’s shuteye, but for an excellent way to wake up as well.


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