Intentionally Unpolished Wall Designs for your Bedroom

unpolished wallsvia

For most homeowners, the work is not done until something is finished. Having a polished and put together space is the ultimate goal. However, there’s also nothing wrong with experimenting. In this series, we’ll show you how intentionally unfinished and unpolished walls can add some charm to your interiors.

color puddle

Photo by Katya De Grunwald

Paint can be quite pricey, so why not work with what you’ve got and strategically leave it unfinished?

exposed brick

An easy way to pull off the intentional unfinished wall is to actually leave your wall unfinished, like this one. Of course, if you have an old home with brick walls, it’ll be a lot easier to pull off.

Robin Sprong wallpaper

This industrial look can be achieved with just a few yards of wallpaper. Ingenious, right?


Minimalist and ultra modern, this Japanese apartment makes use of its core elements, not only as its major structural component but also as its definitive design. Bare concrete is really getting a lot of positive press lately, with the industrial trend being all the rage for the past few seasons, so opting for this look can be a great idea aesthetically.


Okay, this last one only sort of qualifies as some of the walls are actually not included in the structure. It’s a great take on the open space concept, though, as well as the unfinished/industrial trend. Another Japanese creation by architect Kentaro Yamazaki, it offers freedom to its residents.

The great thing about having an unfinished wall is that you can always easily change it up by actually finishing it. With the many different ways to opt for an unfinished wall, you shouldn’t be worried in how you’re going to make an easy switch later on.


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