Salem Bed Prelude: A Practical Investment for Your Comfort


As you spend 1/3 of your life in bed, making sure that you’re comfortable is highly important. This is why a lot of experts stress on investing in a quality mattress. This doesn’t mean that you should break the bank just to take home a comfortable mattress, though. With Salem Beds, you can be sure to find an excellent product that will suit your needs and budget.

One of our investment-worthy mattress models is the Prelude. A top of the line mattress, the Prelude boasts of 12 inches of comfort with ten years warranty and a great heap of impressive features.

What you will need to know about the Prelude is that it is an excellent starter mattress if you’re planning to splurge on your sleep. With it’s imported British standard knit fabric cover, treated with Sanitized technology to ensure it stays clean and hygienic, despite daily use. Quilted with exquisite designs, the fabric cover also comes with a 1 inch layer of high density foam, adding even more cushioning and comfort to sleepers.

As to what’s inside, the Prelude boasts of the classic Salem construction design, featuring a sturdy Bonnel spring unit, a layer of plastic screen insulator, and layers of high density polyurethane foam. A layer of abaca fiber sheet is also included in Salem spring mattresses, a classic technique that Salem Beds take pride in. Aside from the fact that the use of natural fibers is an eco-friendly choice, we also continue to choose its inclusion in our products because of its many benefits.

Abaca fiber is an excellent material for mattress lining for a great amount of reasons. First on the list is the fact that these fibers are locally sourced, as the Philippines is a major abaca producer. The cultivation of abaca is also good for the environment, as its growth helps the soil recover, as well as provides a renewable option for mattress manufacturing. Abaca’s inherent traits are also very ideal for mattress making as it has tensile strength, making it very durable, and is also ideal for moisture absorption.

Flourished with a double euro top design, the Prelude offers easy comfort. With its both sides padded for extra cushioning, you can be sure that you’ll be snoozing cozily every night in this exquisite mattress. The double euro top design also makes it easy to maintain, as all you need is to flip the mattress every three months and you’re good to go.

Of course, the trademark Salem craftsmanship is another plus point of the Prelude mattress. With our products being able to last for decades on end, you can be guaranteed of the quality you’ll be enjoying with one of our best selling products for quite a long time.

For more information about the Prelude, you can also call our hotline at (02) 432-0562. To purchase the Prelude or other Salem products online, visit our website at



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