Charming, but Not-So-Practical Headboards That You can DIY

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While we always say that you should put great thought and effort in finding the right mattress, pillows, and beddings for your bedroom, we’re not saying that you shouldn’t include certain interior elements that you like, just because. They may not be the most practical, but if you really like them (especially if they showcase your creativity) and you have the space for it, why not, right?

Headboards are some of the things you can actually play with when it comes to your bedroom. Unlike the mattress and the beddings, changing up your headboard can be a great way to give your bedroom a makeover. Especially if your bed frame doesn’t come with a headboard, playing with your interiors by just DIY-ing a new one can be a great way to transform your space and showcase your creativity.

If you’re looking for a great project to work on for your bedroom, here are some ideas that you can try yourself.


While the corrugated tin used as a headboard is very unique and gives this bedroom an edgy touch, it may not be the most comfortable there is. Don’t get us wrong, we think it’s gorgeous, but if you’re going to try this out, you’ll want to do something about the raw edges, as that can be a safety hazard.

blanket rack

We are totally in love with this look, but we’re not too keen on having to hang our blankets or having anything hanging near our head while we sleep as it could actually fall in our face. If you have some space, though, this might work out.

clothesline photo gallery

We love clothesline-style photo galleries, they’re very DIY and easy to update, but putting it directly above your head may not be the best. Imagine having to replace the photos every so often because you’ve crushed a few on your sleep. Also imagine your hair getting caught in the clothespin, waking up annoyed that you’re tangled so early in the morning.


This one is unique and easy as all you need is to relocate your books from your bookshelf to the head of your bed. We’re not too crazy about it, though, because:

  • It may give your books a decorative status instead of actually being useful. While you can always say that you can get old books to pull off this look, then that will only add more junk to your home instead of executing a practical technique of using your existing books as decor.
  • Do you just stack the books or you actually attach them to one another so they can be more secure?


Another unique and creative headboard, but it will surely get dusty, not to mention, render a few books unusable.


Now this is just exquisite, and it must be expensive, but then again, we worry about our hair getting tangled in the branches.


We totally adore this DIY project by Natalie Shriver, but we can’t imagine sleeping with paper flowers above our head. They’re so pretty that we might end up without a wink of sleep worrying that we might crush the flowers in our slumber.

Note that we’re not saying that these DIY ideas are bad. In fact, we love them. However, they’re not exactly the most practical there is and are actually more perfect for photo-snapping purposes more than anything. If you have the time, space, and skill to pull these off, though, give them a shot and make sure to share your creation.


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