8 Cozy Bedrooms to Daydream About

cozy bedrooms

Sometimes, the midweek can be more difficult than battling Mondays. Not only because Wednesdays actually put you in the middle of working on tasks and trying to beat end-of-the-week deadlines, but also because it feels like the weekend is so near yet so far.

To help you power through the midweek madness, here are some of the coziest bedrooms we’ve found all over the web. If daydreaming of getting cozy is just your cup of tea, browsing through these dreamy spaces will surely soothe and calm you.

@alwayssssleep Instagram

How about waking up (or sleeping) right next to a breathtaking NYC view?


Large windows + bed + snug blankets + pouring rain = the perfect bed weather.

Tumblr 2

The room may be sparse, but the view is more than enough decor this room will need.

Local_Milk Instagram

Can we crawl in already?

@alwayssssleep Instagram

Massive windows are a common theme, as they’re just too perfect for daydreaming.


This angle is just too inviting.

unmade bed

There’s something about unmade beds that invites us to tuck ourselves in instead of tidying it up.

julien magre

Sometimes we also dream of being close to nature, but not having to sleep in the cold, hard ground. This bedroom is just the perfect answer to those daydreams.

Not cozy enough for you? Share in the comments the beds you’d rather curl up in!


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