Why the Salem FlipTough is the Best Summer Mattress

fliptough banner

The FlipTough: a 1.5″ thick foam mattress covered with a layer of woven straw mat on one surface and a water-resistant fabric on the other. It comes in all of Salem’s regular sizes, and is a huge step-up from the traditional banig.

What makes the FlipTough the ultimate summer mattress, you might ask? Here are some of our answers:

1. It’s presko.

Siesta is one of the best part about summer. A nice afternoon nap after braving the midday summer heat is an excellent reprieve from all the sweating. However, napping on a warm, surface, like a thick foam or leather sofa is just wrong. Not only will the surface cause you even more sweating, but you may also find it impossible to doze off with that amount of heat.

With a cushioned straw mat, though, it’s all different. The woven straw material is highly breathable, making it a popular favorite in our beautiful tropical country for generations, ensuring that you won’t have to be sticky and sweaty while you nap. The added foam will also help you get comfortable, as it provides some cushioning for your back.

2. It’s foldable.

One of the best things about the FlipTough is that it is foldable and portable. This gives it the mobility necessary for summer activities. Whether you’re just staying at home and wish to lounge around your backyard comfortably or you’re off to an out-of-town adventure, the FlipTough can be pretty easy to lug around and bring with you wherever. The FlipTough equates to instant comfort wherever you may be, making it the perfect summer escapade companion.

3. It’s flexible.

Being only 1.5″ thick, some folks may be a bit wary about the FlipTough’s comfort. While 1.5″ may be a bit thin for some, it is always okay to use it for layering on top of your bed. If you’re not too fond of how warm your mattress is during the day when you’re just dying to take a nap, using the FlipTough as a mattress topper is a great solution to your siesta worries. Layer the FlipTough on top of your bedroom mattress and enjoy a more refreshing afternoon nap despite the summer heat.

So, if you’re searching for a great summer siesta mattress, look no further. With the FlipTough, we can guarantee that you’ll enjoy your summer naps even more.

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