You Have Too Much Stuff On Your Bed

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It has been known that having a cluttered bedroom can have a bad effect on your sleep. As clutter can definitely cause stress, it can be said that the mess in your bedroom can easily mess with your slumber as well. Even if you’re used to the clutter and you think you don’t mind it enough for you to lose sleep over it, somehow, on a subconscious level, you might be feeling some guilt or even just a little urge of getting rid of the disarray.

Now, think about this: if your room’s clutter affects your sleep, how worse would it be like if you have tons of stuff perched on your bed? How would it affect your sleep, you might be wondering. Let’s break it down with the different things that could be crowding your bed right now.


Pillows are some of the top mainstays in our beds. They are some of the most important pieces there is, as they can easily make or break one’s sleep. But how many is too much when it comes to pillows?

Modern Family Jay and Gloria Bedroom
Jay & Gloria Pritchett’s Bedroom in ‘Modern Family’ from ABC via

If you like styling your bed, chances are you have at least four to six pillows sitting on your bed right now. They are likely to be in different sizes and shapes, and may even be in different prints of pillow cases and shams. Others tend push the boundaries further and make use of more pillows to decorate their beds.

While some decor authorities will tell you that as long as the pillows do not take up more than half of the bed after you make and style, you’re in a great shape. However, think about it, do you really need that much? Especially if you sleep on a small bed and even share it with another person, having so much pillows can only make sleeping difficult. Not only will you feel cramped, but you may also have to worry about the pillows spilling over and falling on the floor, which could easily mess with your sleep.

Some who like to have tons of pillows on their bed can also argue that they can easily drop the pillows on the floor to make space at night. But is that really practical? Honestly, it will only create clutter that could affect your sleep. It will also create an obstacle (that could cause injuries) during late night bathroom runs. You can also think about having all that pieces to pick up and organize every morning. While they may be cute and can easily make your bedroom appear luxe, making your bed every morning with that amount of pillows to fuss about is just not worth it. It’ll take up too much time and energy that you can use for other things or tasks around the house. It’s just a hassle in general that skipping it in entirety would be the best course of action.

If you’re worried about the appearance of your bed, though, having four to six (depending on the size of your bed) is already enough. You can also check these articles for some tips on how to dress up your bed nicely.


Blanket Layers

For colder countries, having layers upon layers of blankets is necessary. It helps keep sleepers warm and cozy, essential for cold nights. In the Philippines, though, this isn’t exactly an issue among most sleepers. With our tropical climate and numerous balmy nights, it’s surprising that some folks still need to cover up at night.

So, do you still need blankets on your bed? The answer is yes. While it is quite warm in the country, it doesn’t mean that temperatures won’t drop in the middle of the night. You may fall asleep on a balmy evening without the need for a blanket, but the break of dawn might usher in cold winds that could wake you up shivering. Having to scramble out of bed to find a blanket will easily disturb your sleep and even leave you awake for hours on end, so having a blanket nearby, even just a thin, cotton variety would be very handy on such occasions.

Of course, if you enjoy sleeping with air conditioning, it’s an entirely different thing. Thick and cozy comforters are great for low temperature settings, as not only do they keep you warm, but soft comforters can really add to the snugness of your sleeping environment and can help lull you to sleep easier.


Bed Accessories Tray

Although most bed accessories are only necessary for lounging on your bed and for making doing things on your bed a lot easier, there are also a few items that can boost your sleep and take care of your bed. Items like a bed skirt will be handy to keep dust away from your bed box, while a mosquito net tends to be important, especially in certain locations. A rubber mat can also be an essential additional layer to your bed if you sleep with young children who still wet the bed.

When it comes to accessories, it’s a very simple choice. If you don’t need it, then don’t use it. If your sleep won’t be disturbed by persistent and repeated mosquito bites at night, then you may not really need a net anymore. If you don’t really have to work or eat on your bed, then a tray or laptop desk may prove to be unnecessary. Knowing which items are important and cutting down on the things you don’t need is the key in preventing having too much accessories on your bed.


Crowded Bed Co-sleeping

Sometimes it’s not actually things that are crowding our beds. In several cases, it’s actually the size of the bed and the number of people who share it that’s causing the problem. A single bed won’t be enough for a wide-set sleeper, and it definitely wont be able to accommodate two.

While sleeping with your loved ones can put you emotionally at ease, it is not exactly great for the quality of your slumber, especially if your sleeping environment is cramped. Having little space to move around, stretch, or lie down can really be stressful and prevent you from getting any shuteye. Of course, all that worrying whether you’re going to wake up the other person on your bed if you make even an infinitesimal move can also work against your sleep.

So unless there’s really no room to spare, give yourself some space when you’re going to sleep. While it is great to wake up next to the people you love, you may not even get to fall asleep in the first place if there are lots of elbows poking your back or feet kicking against your shins all throughout the night.

When it comes to a good night sleep, giving yourself some space is necessary. Getting comfortable is one of the essential steps in dozing off, so make sure to achieve that by eliminating things that could be crowding your bed.

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