What’s in Your Bed?

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This week, the Salem Blog will be talking about what’s actually on your bed. We will focus on your bed linen as well as how to properly put them on your mattress. We’ll also help you out in finding the best bed sheets so you can surely get a good night’s sleep.

It’s no secret that bed sheets can easily affect the quality of your sleep. Low quality bed clothes can leave you tossing and turning in bed at night, as it can be extremely uncomfortable enough to prevent you from falling asleep. The right sheets will also help protect your mattress, allowing you to boost the longevity of your bed.

Fitted Sheet
Fitted Sheet via

When it comes to bed sheets, there are a few types available. One is the fitted sheet, which is a type of linen that is garterized in its four sides. It is also known as the bottom sheet or the coupie sheet (in some parts of Europe). A lot of homeowners love the fitted sheet as it allows making the bed a lot easier as there’s no more need to flatten it and tuck with all their might. The elastic edges are also perfect guarantees that you don’t have to worry about your bed sheet coming off your mattress in the middle of the night.

The best thing about the fitted sheet is it’s flexibility, as it can also be used for bed bases as a replacement for bed skirts. Fitted sheets will give your home a more modern look, as most skirts can be a little dated and traditional.

Flat Sheet

Flat Sheet

The flat sheet is the other type of bed linen that you can use for your home. As the name suggests, the flat sheet is a flat, rectangular piece of fabric. It comes in various sides and usually features a side with a wider seam, noting the correct orientation of the bedding.

Also considered as the most common type of bed sheet, almost every household makes use of a flat sheet in one way or another. Some homes make do without the fitted sheet and just opts for the flat sheet, while others prefer the other way around. However, you can also use both on your bed, especially during the summer months, to minimize the amount of body fluids absorbed by the mattress. Especially if the sleeper perspires heavily, using two layers of bed sheet can be beneficial in keeping your mattress hygienic.

Aside from your sheets, pillows are also the other mainstays in your bed. They prop your head up while you lay down, ensuring that you are in a comfortable posture while you sleep. They can also be the best accessories for snuggling, especially if you don’t share your bed with anyone else.

Sleeping Pillow
Sleeping Pillow

Like the bed sheets, there are a few kinds of pillows that you can use on your bed. The first type is the sleeping pillow, which are the rectangular varieties we all know. Pillows can come in a wide array of materials, ranging from the most common, like cotton, to more rare (buckwheat, millet, etc.). Like when shopping for a mattress, it is important to pay close attention to shopping for your pillows. They may not seem like much, but they can also make or break your slumber.

Throw Pillows
Throw Pillows via

Throw pillows are also some of the more commonly used pillow types for beds. Square in shape and available in various sizes, they typically serve as decorative pieces only, as they can be too small or too big for proper use. If you’re not too keen on styling your bed, you can totally skip the throw pillow for something else.

Bolster Pillow
Bolster Pillow via

Those who love to curl up and hug something when they try to fall asleep will surely want to have some bolster pillows nearby. Bolster pillows, which are also commonly referred to as “hotdog” pillows in the country, are cylindrical in shape and come in various lengths, for different purposes. Some people actually use short ones for their heads, while others prefer extra long varieties so they can easily hug it with both arms and legs.

Pillow cases are also important bedding accessories. Like bed sheets, they serve as an extra protective layer between you and your pillows, protecting your pillows from dirt and bodily fluids, as well as ensuring hygiene.

There are several kinds of pillow cases available in the market today. They come not only in a wide array of designs, but varying shapes and sizes as well, to accommodate your different types of pillows. There are regular kinds and then there are also pillow shams, which are basically decorative cases that typically match comforters and duvet covers.

Last, but not the least, are blankets. In the Philippines, we’re used to using thin blankets, which commonly made of the exact same material as our bed sheets. In some homes, the flat sheet already suffices as their overnight blanket, as anything thicker may only cause sleep loss due to the heat.

Fleece Blanket
Fleece Blanket via

Like other bedding accessories, blankets are also available in a wide array of shapes, styles, and materials. While the most common around these parts are common blankets, you can still find fleece, mink, or flannel blankets as well.

Quilt Blanket
Quilt Blanket via


Of course, there are also entirely different varieties like the quilt, comforter and duvet. Quilts are thick blankets made of three layers: a woven cloth top, batting or waddling for warmth, and a woven back. It is called as such as it also employs the technique of quilting.

Comforter via

Comforters are a lot like quilts, except for the fact that they don’t look as homemade as the latter. They’re basically flattened bags containing down, wool, or polyester (among other things) to ensure warmth. They come in decorative designs and are typically placed on top of flat sheets for a layered look.


Duvets are also a lot like comforters, as they are also bags of down, wool, or polyester (or other materials that could provide warmth). What makes them different, though, is that they require a covering (duvet covers) to look presentable and to ensure cleanliness. They’re top options by many households abroad, though, as they allow easier laundering and versatility.

Aside from the basics, other households also make use of several other accessories for their beds. These may include throw blankets and bedskirts among other things.

While some of these items are not necessarily essential for a good night’s sleep, it’s always handy to have them on hand. Especially if you’re the type who likes impressing guests, a well-styled bed may just be the perfect opportunity to wow your friends and loved ones who are staying with you over the weekend.

However, you should still always prioritize your comfort. Having so many things taking up space in your bed may actually hamper your chance of having a good night’s sleep, so if you think you can live without it, you can always skip it.


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