Try a Sleep Vacation for the Holidays

salem beds sleep vacation banner

With all the demands of modern life, a vacation is always a nice treat for those who hustle on a daily basis. Most look forward for these days off, as they can do all sorts of activities with loved ones – like go on an outing, an adventure, or just hang out with the whole clan. Others may choose to forego all the festivities and just work on their homes or try to catch up on some sleep.

If you happen to not have any big plans for this upcoming holidays, you might want to turn your days off into a sleep vacation. This means you focus on your sleep, which can be extremely beneficial especially if you’ve been a bit sleep deprived.

Sleep vacations is steadily becoming a trend abroad with a growing number of hospitality industry players offering special services to guests. In Switzerland and the UK, there are hotels that offer a  complete sleep care package, which comes not only with comfortable accommodations, but also diagnostic services from medical professionals. There are also a few places that have bedrooms equipped with sound and lighting system that encourage sleep.

Having a sleep vacation at home can be done as well. With a few simple steps, you can turn your bedroom into the best sleep vacation spot, without even having to break the bank. How? Here are some of our tips:

1. Unplug.

The modern times have allowed us to stay connected 24/7 and even makes it extra difficult to unplug. However, if you really want to kick back and mellow down for the holidays, unplugging may be a great idea. If you can’t do this, at least keep your gadgets out of your bedroom while you try to get as much sleep as you can.

2. Turn your bedroom into a relaxing space.

This is actually the easiest and most important part. Setting up an ideal sleep environment plays a huge role in the success of your sleep vacation. A few tweaks like a having a nice mattress, changing into new sheets, and cleaning the room are the basic steps in creating a relaxing space. Take it up a notch by changing the curtains as well, or by getting new pillows (just make sure they’re comfortable, though).

3. Wind down.

If you’re having a sleep vacation with a loved one, you can also try a few activities to help you further unwind. You can get massages or do some yoga or meditation. These can help you further feel at ease and welcome rest easier. Soaking in the tub can also be a great option, especially with the summer heat.

With four days of not having to worry about the traffic, being on time for work or appointments, wrestling with the alarm clock, and just being able to spend time with the family, hopefully you can also focus on your sleep.



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