5 Easy Space-Saving Techniques for the Bedroom

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Photo by Smart Furniture

When you live in a city where space comes at such a high cost, looking for ways how to be more wise about your livable floor area is a necessity. Unfortunately, many of us tend to have a lot of stuff, amassed over the years, and just generally hard to part with. Some of these may find their way to your bedroom, which can create something like a congestion. And as a crowded bedroom can easily hamper your relaxation and even lead to stress, making sure that you have a room where you can sit back and actually unwind is essential.

To help you get started in maximizing your space and even cutting down your bedroom’s clutter, here are five easy tips you can try today.

1. Use a bolster pillow case as a comforter/duvet/thick blanket storage.

salem bed space saving

While the Philippines enjoys a very warm climate most of the year, it doesn’t mean that we don’t get to have cold nights that require thicker blankets. If your home doesn’t have AC to sustain chilly evenings all year round, you may want to store your thick blankets as soon as the balmy days arrive. To prevent your thick blankets and comforters from taking up so much closet space, though, you may want to store them in a bolster pillow case instead. This will let you still use the blanket, albeit not for its original purpose, and save some space at the same time.

2. Store your bed clothes set in a pillow case.

salem beds space saving

This is more of an organization tip than space-saving advice, really, but storing all your matching linens in a similar pillow case is a very handy idea you should try. Not only will it let you keep the set in a single place, but will also make the set easier to locate.

3. Learn how to fold your linens properly.

salem beds space saving

In this tutorial by Martha Stewart, you can learn how you can fold your fitted sheets (the ones with the corner garters that can be difficult to put away and takes quite a lot of space in the closet), so they will lie flat and consume less room.

4. Maximize the space under your bed.

salem beds space saving

salem beds space saving

There’s always some usable space under the bed, especially in the case of bed frames and lifted bed boxes. You can use the floor area for storing seldom used items like seasonal clothing, or if it’s more accessible, items you use frequently. There is also a wide storage solution options available for tight spaces such as under your bed, so you don’t have to worry about how to fit your stuff there.

5. Get rid of clutter.

space saving bedroom

The best way to save space in your bedroom? Get rid of all the clutter. If you haven’t used it in a while and it’s just accumulating dust and taking space inside your room, you should either throw it out or put it elsewhere.



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