Plants for a Good Night’s Sleep

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Plants are some of the nicest additions you can have inside your home. They have so many benefits, that what was once believed to be an unhealthy practice of putting plants inside your bedroom is now recommended by many.

Health Benefits of Having Plants Indoors

Back in the older days, plants were discouraged from entering the bedroom as it produces carbon dioxide during the night. Being exposed to CO2 while you sleep doesn’t sound too ideal as it can be harmful to your health, so plants are not easily allowed to be in a room where people snooze. However, experts have recently discovered that although it is true that plants produce CO2 in the evenings, it’s amounts are really small that it doesn’t even matter.

If you still have some doubts about the benefits of having plants inside your bedroom, we’ve created a short list of the great things these greens can bring into your boudoir.

1. Plants can help improve your room’s air quality.

As plants are living organisms that thrive from sunlight and carbon dioxide, it tends to process what’s in the air and churn out a fresher product in return. Breathing in quality air, of course, helps your body better, allowing you to sleep easier and rest fuller.

2. Specific plants’ odor can encourage high quality sleep.

According to a study made by the Wheeling Jesuit University, the scent of the jasmine plant can help achieve a more restful sleep. According to the report, “when the participants woke (from the experiment), those who breathed the jasmine rated their level of anxiety and vigor lower, and performed cognitive tests more rapidly.” This has led to a conclusion that inhaling certain natural scents, like that of the jasmine plant, can actually increase a person’s quality of sleep.

3. Plants, in general, help promote relaxation.

There have been countless of studies published about how plants can be very relaxing. Even just the presence of the color green is believed to be helpful in relaxation, so why not give it a shot?

4. Plants can help improve your mood.

Aside from its capability¬† to beautify a space, plants can also lift people’s moods as studies have shown in instances wherein individuals are exposed to the great outdoors. By taking nature indoors with you, experts believe that the same effects can take place.

Top Plants for Your Bedroom

salem beds plants for sleepvia


salem beds plants for sleep


salem beds plants for sleep


salem beds plants for sleep


Some Reminders in Introducing Plants into Your Bedroom

While plants have a wide range of benefits for people, there are still a number of instances wherein plants may not be the best inclusions in your bedroom. Those who are allergic to pollens may find flowering plants harmful to their health and sleep, so avoiding it altogether is more ideal. Of course, those who are unable to care for the plant properly should also consider against making such a move, as plants also require some attention to continue growing.

salem beds plants for sleep

Adding plants into your bedroom is just one of the easy ways to promote sleep. Pair this tip with a comfortable and quality Salem bed, and you’re sure to get quality slumber all year round.


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