How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep While Away from Home


One of the things that people experience when spending a few days at someone else’s humble abode, no matter how well they know the homeowners, is a hard time falling asleep. A lot of people find it difficult to get some shuteye while away from home, mostly because they’re unfamiliar with the bed and the room they’re in. As slumber tends to come easier with a routine for some, being in a different location may upset their pre-bedtime rituals, making it difficult, if not impossible, to get the sleep as good as the one they have at home.

If you’re one of these folks who can’t sleep if you’re not in your own bedroom, finding ways how you can improve the quality of your shuteye while away from home is important. A good night’s sleep can easily create great visits/vacations, so focusing on how well you nod off should be a priority. To help you out, here are some expert tips you can try:

1. If you can’t fall asleep, get out of bed.

Experts suggest that if you can’t fall asleep, it’s much better to get out of bed than stay and spend hours tossing and turning. By getting out of the covers, you can stop yourself from worrying about the fact that you’re not asleep yet and how much time you’re wasting staying wide awake. Not only will stressing out prevent you from getting more sleep, but it can also further give your body the impression that you really can’t sleep anywhere else than your own bed. Find something else to do, like read a book or go for a walk outside if it’s safe and possible.

2. Get lots of exercise. Explore the locale in the day or go on adventures. Tire yourself out.

For some people, being tired can bring them slumber right away. If you’re one of these folks, tiring yourself out can make your life easier at night. By doing a lot during the day time, you’ll surely be knackered come twilight and won’t find it problematic to doze off by your bedtime. Just remember to avoid taking a nap or consuming some caffeine to jolt you awake.

3. Take part in some of the chores.

If you feel like you’re imposing on your relatives when they welcomed you into their home, you can somehow ease your guilt by helping out a little in the house. Offer to do the dishes, or if it’s an extended stay, make sure to do your own laundry at the very least. Especially if they do not have household help, offering a hand in completing the daily chores will lighten their load, as running a house with more people can be really tiring. It may also make you feel more at ease and at home there.

4. Bring something from home.

Some people have some items that they always need around so they can fall asleep. It may be a favorite pillow, a plush toy, an eye mask, or  some other odds and ends that make them feel safe and at home. No matter what it is, if you feel that you need it to drift off to sleep, bring it along with you. It will give you the comfort that you’re still somehow connected to your home and make you feel like at least there is something with you that you’re totally familiar with even while in a different place.

5. Bring some ear plugs or download a white noise app.

Depending on your home’s neighborhood,  you might find the endless traffic the best lullaby. Others, on the other hand, like it quiet, while there are also those who prefer having some kind of ambient noise to sing them to sleep. If it’s the (or lack of) ambient noise that’s making it difficult for you to nod off at night in your temporary bedroom, there are a few ways how you can deal with it. For one, you can use ear plugs to block out all the noise, while a white noise app can help emulate the sounds you’re familiar and comfortable with.


Hopefully, these handy tips help you prepare for the upcoming holidays. These times can get hectic, and getting enough shuteye will make you enjoy your vacation even more.


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