The Secret to Happiness: a Good Night’s Sleep

secret to happiness

The pursuit of happiness is one of the popular challenges for people all over the world. Happiness comes naturally to some people, while others need to search high and low for theirs. This is why the secret to happiness is always one of the things a lot of people wish to discover. If there’s one quick answer to making all the blues go away, why shouldn’t you try it, right?

What not a lot of people like to accept is the fact that a good night’s sleep can definitely improve your mood and, by getting a healthy sleep hygiene, you can actually become a happier person through it.

Think about it, if you’ve actually gotten a good night’s sleep, you don’t feel cranky in the morning, and are in a good mood for the rest of the day. We should note that by a good night’s sleep, we don’t mean that you’ve had eight hours or so of shut eye, as the length isn’t always the marker of a quality slumber. If you wake up feeling refreshed, your disposition and overall mood will be positive.

Enough sleep being the secret to happiness shouldn’t be that hard to believe, though. There are lots of plausible explanations to this, aside from the fact that being well rested could truly improve your mood. One that came up in this Slate article is the fact that not everyone is a morning person. By waking up refreshed, people get to start their day on a lighter note and not scrambling for wakefulness. It can be also very useful in preventing early morning frustrations, as you can be more efficient and effective when you’re not wanting for more sleep.

If you’re not convinced that by getting ample sleep you’ll also see an increase in your life satisfaction, we urge you to try it yourself. Have a healthier sleep hygiene and discover the great effects more sleep can give you.


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