How to Make a Cozy Bed for the Colder Months

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As the -ber months roll in, the people of the Philippines rejoice. It’s not just because we love the promise of family reunions the holidays can bring, but it’s mostly for the slightly colder weather that comes with it. The longer nights are typically accompanied by lower temperatures, making sleep, or at least staying in bed, a lot more enjoyable to many.

But as most Filipino homes are equipped for the warmer weather, with most homes only owning thin as paper blankets, how do you actually cozy up for the colder months? Read our list and discover how you can make your bed a bit cozier for the upcoming cold months.

1. Get some thick blankets.

salem beds thick blankets

salem beds cozy bed

Most Filipino homes make use of linen blankets that usually come with the bed sheet sets, which is why most bedrooms have those matchy-matchy bed clothes on them. However used to it you may be, you can actually break the rule and use a different blanket should you need it. Forget the bedsheet quality blanket you have when the night temperatures drop to a chilly 20 degrees in the middle of the night as it will only leave you shivering from the cool breeze. Get yourself a thicker blanket to get cozy in and enjoy the warmth even for just a few nights a year.

2. Add more fluffy pillows.

salem beds fluffy pillows

salem beds cozy bed

Why extra pillows, you may be wondering. It’s easy to explain, really. With the colder months coming in, a lot of us will choose to stay in bed longer, and even want to do other things while there. Additional pillows can provide excellent back support if you want to stay tucked in while nursing a hot mug of tea/coffee/milk/choco and pouring over a book. It can also be a comfy back rest should you opt to do your crafting in bed (just make sure to clean up properly, so you don’t end up getting stabbed in the back by a scissor, some beads, or needles).

Fluffy pillows can also be ideal if you want to add some extra warmth to your bed. Piling up with pillows will shield you from the cold breeze in tandem with a cozy blanket. It’s also ideal if you just want to make your bedroom a lot more inviting.

3. Deck out your bed with some fresh sheets.

salem beds sheets

salem beds cozy bed

While cotton sheets are said to be the best options in a tropical country like the Philippines, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try something else during the colder months. Other options include silk, linen, and jersey, to create a warmer bed.

4. Pad your floors with some rugs.

salem beds rugs

salem beds cozy bed

After enjoying the snugness of your bed, being jolted awake as soon as your feet hit the cold concrete can really ruin the mood, unless you rely on that to get your blood pumping. To avoid this, you can always lay down some fuzzy rug by your bed to make your morning landings a lot easier. It’ll serve as a slight cushion for your feet, especially if you’re still blurry from sleep.

5. Get a nice bedside lamp.

salem beds bedside lamp


As mentioned earlier, the colder months will most likely make people spend more time all cozied up in their beds. By adding an easily accessible lighting fixture by your bedside, you can cut down the time of having to get up and go to the overhead light switch just so you can read or see things while in bed. A lamp by your bedside can be switched on and off without having to get out from the covers, allowing you to stay warm longer.

Bedside lamps doesn’t even have to be table lamps per se. With the vast array of available products in the market today, you can find something that is interesting and will suit your needs best without a fuss. May it be a hanging lamp, wall lamp, or a floor lamp, as long as it’s switch is only an arm’s length from you while you’re in bed, you’re good to go.

6. DIY or use your canopy bed to its full potential.

 salem beds canopy bed

salem beds cozy bed

Another surefire way you can shield yourself from the cold breeze is by hanging some curtains around your bed. If you have a canopy bed, doing this is very easy, as you already have the tools for hanging. However, you can also DIY the whole thing by hanging fabric from the ceiling. There are also tons of tutorials how you can create the look for your home on your own, so why not give it a shot?

7. Get a cushioned headboard – or make one!

salem beds headboardvia

salem beds cozy bed

While you’re already in a DIY mood, maybe you can also try out creating your own cushioned or tufted headboard? Not only will it give your bed a luxurious look, but it can also give you a comfortable back rest while sitting up in bed.

8. Snuggle with a loved one.

salem beds snuggle

salem beds cozy bedvia

Looking for the best bed warmer there is? Body heat is always the answer! By snuggling with a loved one, you get to enjoy each other’s warmth, literally.

9. Get a high quality, extra comfortable mattress.

salem beds quality bed

The best way to get cozy starts with where you are going to lie down. This is why you also need a high quality Salem bed to get you started in cozying up for the colder months. The right Salem mattress will give you the comfort you need not only for sleep and rest, but also for lounging around and enjoying the small things in life.


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