Sleep and Good Grades: How these Two Work Together

salem beds sleep and good grades

Making the decision whether to sleep or to spend a few more hours prepping for the exam is one of the most common dilemmas among students. Cutting back on the zzz’s seem to be the most logical solution for extra hours of preparing for an examination, making students look like zombies by the time they get to school on the day of the test. Some see this as a rite of passage, as all students who wish to achieve great things should learn how to sacrifice hours of slumber as a sign of working hard for their high marks.

However, did you know that sleep is also a vital element in getting good grades? According to a study comducted by the KU Leuven and Ghent Universities of Belgium, a good night’s sleep tend to help wield better test results than getting a small amount of zzz’s. The research surveyed 621 first year students about their sleep schedule and compared it to their exam results, with considerations about their study habits and socio economic backgrounds. Turns out, those who were able to sleep for at least 7 hours nightly during the exam period get marks that are at least 10% higher than those who get less sleep.

Sleep has a great impact on brain function as it is the time your body uses to store all the information it has received and process during the day. When you rest in the evening, your body makes use of the down time to memorize data, and how much sleep you get determines how well you acquire and retain knowledge. Sleep also affects your metabolism and the regulation of your energy expenditure, which accounts for alertness and receptiveness during the day. Without enough sleep, not only will you not be able to process information properly, but you’re also more likely to be less focused during the day, which can, in turn, impact grades on a large scale. This is why sleep is highly essential if you want to move forward with your academic career. A healthy sleeping habit will not only make you healthier, but will also help you boost your grades as well.

salem beds sleep and good grades

Aside from getting a proper amount of sleep, most experts also suggest that students learn how to manage their time better. As we all know, it’s not just studying that causes a student to lose sleep. There are also a lot of extra curricular activities – from clubs to hobbies and even social obligations – that students need to attend to, but can also take up a lot of their time. Better time management will not only allow a student to do everything they want to do, but also get their much needed sleep as well.

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