Avoiding Sleep Disturbance: How to Deal with Noise

salem beds how to deal with noise

Waking up naturally is one of the best things you can experience. Being able to open your eyes slowly to a stream of sunshine touching your face without scrambling to reach for the noisy alarm clock can really start the day nicely, as you’re not rudely jolted to wakefulness by a loud sound. As waking up is also an important part of sleep, being able to do this naturally can be highly beneficial to many. Being able to wake up naturally will help you energize your body properly, allowing you to stay awake throughout the day and avoid getting sluggish and feeling drained in the afternoon.When it comes to waking up naturally, the biggest enemy that you can find is the noise present in your surroundings. While mornings are naturally calm in most areas, there are also those neighborhoods that get to experience a loud clank, thud, or hum as soon as the sun goes up. These sudden sounds that can measure up to 100 decibels or more can easily shake you awake no matter how sleepy you are, especially if you’re already in a delicate sleep stage. This, in turn, can work like an alarm clock and effectively bring you to wakefulness. However, you’ll most likely start your day irritated and in a foul mood.So how do you avoid getting rudely awakened by the noise that usually disrupts your sleep in the morning? Here are some tips.1. Dampen the sounds that come from the outside of your bedroom.

salem beds how to deal with noise

There are a few tricks how you can tone down the sounds that come into your bedroom. Some of which include installing some acoustic tiles on your wall, placing a thick book case or cabinet against a shared wall, or hanging some heavy curtains against your windows. It all depends really on how the sounds enter your bedroom and how much muting you wish to do. You can also try using some sealant, if you have drafts within the house, or replace doors and windows to perfectly cover the openings and muffle the noise from outside.2. Cover it up with some ambient noise.

salem beds how to deal with noise

If you can’t sleep in dead silence but are still too jumpy for random noises, playing some ambient noise is a great way for you to fall asleep. It can be sounds that can range from actually relaxing ones like ocean waves, humming crickets, or white noise – anything that will relax you and lull you to slumber. If you’re not a big fan of these options, you can opt for a running fan or the low hum of your air conditioning as well.3. Put down a rug, carpet, or some soft tiling material on your floor.

salem beds how to deal with noisevia

Those who live in a building can also be disturbed by sounds traveling up, while others have roommates with very heavy feet, creating loud sounds with every step they take. If this is the very cause of your problems, laying down some rugs, carpets, or some flooring solution could help you muffle the sounds better.4. Deal with the cause of the noise calmly and effectively.Sometimes, the cause of the noise is something you can actually do something about. If you can only talk to the people involved, you can actually settle on an agreement that will benefit both parties. For example, you get rudely awakened by your upstairs neighbor’s heels so early in the morning. Asking them kindly to stop walking around their apartment with some shoes on can easily solve your problem. Or if your neighbors are doing some construction work in their yard, you can ask them to do the drillings and other noisy tasks a bit later on during the day so you don’t have to be woken up by something so loud so early in the morning. Just remember to ask nicely and be diplomatic in such situations. While losing sleep can really get on people’s nerves, it is also a lot easier to resolve an issue if you go about it in a decent manner.


By preventing random noises from jolting you awake, you can ensure that you get to complete your sleep cycle and get quality shuteye. These tips, combined with a quality Salem bed, can ensure undisturbed sleep and a good night’s rest.


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