Design Highlight: Bedrooms with En Suite Bath

A lot of people look for ways how to make their bedrooms become even more special. While some are happy to have their bedrooms as their ultimate refuge from the issues of their everyday lives, there’s no harm in trying to boost the room’s function and purpose. This is why some try to increase its ability to help them unwind by including an open bath right inside their bedrooms.

While some people relax easily in a nice comfortable bed, soaking in a warm bath before hitting the hay can be another way to loosen up after a long day. This is why some folks like to have their private baths right next or even inside their bedrooms. The convenience and proximity, not to mention the visual interest a tub or a walk in shower can create is enough to convince a good number of modern homeowners to cozy up and have their baths within arm’s reach.

We’ve rounded up some of the best examples of these spaces to inspire and tickle your fancy.

If you’re not too keen on placing a sink and a tub right next to your bed for the fear of getting everything wet, you can also opt for a more traditional set up and create a definite division between your bedroom and ensuite bathroom. It can be made using solid wall or with glass, to create a more seamless transition.
 salem beds ensuite bath
Frosted glass can offer more privacy, if you don’t like the idea of an aquarium-like ensuite bathroom.
salem beds ensuite bath
Curtains are also excellent in creating some privacy while spending some time in the tub.
Combined with a luxurious Salem mattress, ensuite bathrooms can really create the coziest places there is. If you’re worried about the humidity, though, installing a good ventilation system will help you out greatly.

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