Giving Your Overnight Guests a Good Night’s Sleep

salem beds overnight guests

With the weather finally cooling down and the holidays slowly approaching, you may find yourself preparing for some loved ones to visit your home for a few nights or so. This means readying the spare bedrooms, recounting the sheets, and cleaning the whole house. It also means prepping the household members for the people who are staying over.

What a lot of homeowners tend to worry about hosting overnight guests, though, is whether they can help their visitors get a good night’s sleep. While fretting about their overall stay is a natural thing, how they sleep during the time they’re under your roof is also something to think about, as it can also make or break their stay. Lack of sleep while away from home can easily add stress and anxiety, making it difficult for some to enjoy their out-of-town trip, so ensuring that they still get a full night’s rest would be something a good hostess will fuss about.

So, how do you ensure that your overnight guests get a good night’s sleep while staying in your home? Here are some expert tips.

1. Get a good mattress.

Some people opt to just use their old mattresses for their guest room, as they’re not exactly used often. However, this may not exactly be the best move. Old mattresses can be lumpy, saggy, and overall uncomfortable, making a not so cozy overnight rest.

What you can do is to get a nice, affordable mattress instead. It can be a sofa bed or an actual bed mattress, depending on the size of the room and how you intend to use it when it’s not occupied by a guest. There are several comfortable Salem mattresses that are very affordable that you can use for your guest room, so you don’t have to worry about where you can get some.

2. Get your guests familiarized around the house.

salem beds overnight guests

A quick tour around your home is extremely necessary as soon as your guests arrive at your place. You will want them to know where the bathroom and kitchen is, as well as where they can get extra blankets or towels. This will help them feel more at home, independent, and at ease, so they don’t have to bother you with their every need. You will also benefit from this largely, especially in case of personal emergencies in the middle of the night.

Explaining your home’s little quirks is also an essential hostess task. Most homes have these little weirdness in them, as a sign of being lived in that homeowners tend to overlook them sometimes. Being a good host, you should know that getting them acquainted with a weird turning doorknob or the need to push the shower’s dial so the water will rush out will help their stay become a little easier and a bit more comfortable.

3. Share with them your plans for their stay. Always allocate a down time for some rest.

If you’re planning to take them around to explore your town and its wonders, make sure to let them know that you have plans. They might want to include a few places they find interesting or they may want to tweak your schedule a little bit so they can sleep in more. Waking them early unannounced can damage moods and may ruin a trip completely.

Creating downtimes are also very important, as you don’t want to exhaust your guests. Sure, your city may be a fun one with lots of sights to see, but if they’re so tired, they wouldn’t even get to enjoy it. As for their sleep, they may be able to fall asleep from being so tired after a long day, but is that really how you want them to spend their time while in town?

4. Inquire about important preferences and details about your guests.

Are there any particularities your guests have, checking it in advance is highly important. Preparing for  these things are highly important, especially if you want them to have a good night’s sleep. If they’re allergic to pet dander or flowers, you can be sure to clear the guest room from these triggers and ensure that they can spend their nights in your guest room free of running noses and puffy eyes.

5. Make them feel like they’re a part of the household to a certain point.

salem beds overnight guests

Letting your guests help out in some of the household chores, even if it’s just washing the coffee cups they’ve used or chopping some ingredients while you cook dinner, can really help them feel more at home and at ease in your humble abode. This can also help them relax a little bit and fall asleep easier at night, knowing that their stay isn’t a burden to you.


The trick in becoming an excellent host to overnight guests lie in your ability to make your guest feel at home within your humble abode. If you can ensure that they also get a good night’s sleep on top of being welcoming and hospitable, then you can really say that you’ve done a great job at it.


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