Design Highlight: Bedroom Art

Bedroom art is one of the most versatile pieces of home decor there is. Some find them extremely necessary, as they do a great job in sprucing up a space, while others find it excessive and opt to hang or decorate with family photos instead. If you’re still trying to make up your mind in how you want to decorate your own bedroom, here are some bedroom art examples that could inspire you.

Typographies of sayings, lyrics, and witty phrases are some of the more popular examples of bedroom wall art nowadays. They’re modern, relatable, easily found, and can even be done on your own, making them such favorable options for a lot of growing homes.
How ingenious is this 3D wall art? The branches spilling out of the frame gives great visual interest to the room, emphasized by the subtle color coordination present in the overall decor. It’s warm and cozy, and perfectly charming.
 salem beds bedroom art
 salem beds bedroom art
Salon or gallery type walls have also gained much attention as of late, fueled by creativity and nostalgia by most homeowners. You can put up anything in a gallery wall, may it be a series of photos, illustrations, typography, or post cards.
Laser cut wood and sculptural pieces are also some great pieces that you can hang as wall art inside your bedroom. In some cases you can even use them as a headboard.
 Simple prints are also perfect options for wall art. It doesn’t matter if you frame them or just stick them on your walls, as they get additional character either way.
salem beds bedroom art
Want something off beat yet cozy at the same time? Crafty wall hangings may just be the best solutions for your decorating needs! Not only are they normally unique and one-of-a-kind, but handmade pieces also have a lot of sentimental value in them, making each piece quite special. If you’re not a fan of macramé, you can also find crocheted, knitted, quilted, or embroidered tapestries among others.
If you have the budget for it, going for valuable works for your bedroom art is another excellent way to decorate your space. Like this example, with its walls peppered with Keith Haring pieces, is a great example how a wonderful collection of artworks can really liven up your bedroom without a fuss.
salem beds bedroom art
This one isn’t exactly filled with bedroom art, but, its color coordination and great mixing and matching of prints is definitely eye catching and attractive. We also love the gorgeous print on the bed box!
salem beds bedroom art
Aside from hanging artworks, you can also get a massive one and just lean it on a wall. It’s a different way to display a piece and creates a great refreshing way of presenting a work of art inside a space.
salem beds bedroom art
Want something that will really pop out? Why not transform a phrase into a neon signage? Not only will this add some illumination inside your bedroom, but it’s also a unique method to decorate a space.
salem beds bedroom art
For something more moody, a nice photo print in black and white can do the trick. What we love the most about this bedroom is the effective use of burst of colors in a predominantly white background. It makes the color use much more effective and striking.
salem beds bedroom art
 If you’re the type who likes to go big or go home, a wall mural might just be your perfect wall art match. Bust out your artsy side and paint a portrait or landscape on your bedroom wall or have someone else do it for you. It may be a bit permanent and static, but you can be assured that it is one of a kind and undoubtedly unique.
For most experts, a room is not complete without a nice art hanging on the wall or put on display. Although, it is entirely your call whether you should put up some art or not, giving your space a decorative touch will easily give your room some additional personality and even help you feel even more comfortable and at ease.

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