How Vacations Can Help You Sleep Better

 SALEM BEDS vacation sleep

If there’s something that could help anyone relax and free themselves from all the stress and hassles of everyday life, it would be a good vacation. Sometimes, going away from your usual environment to take a break can help you unwind and restart, so when you get back, you can face everything in a refreshed manner.

But did you know that a quick getaway can also help you sleep better? According to experts, a different set up, such as the ones you get from vacations, can help improve your sleep. Especially if you’re an insomniac who can’t sleep properly on a regular basis, a few night in a different setting is said to be a great way to deal with your sleeping problems.

How? Here are some things that trips can actually do to improve sleep.

1. A change of surroundings.

salem beds vacation sleep

While some people tend to find it difficult to relax in a new environment, others can get the most out of it. For some people, a new bedroom will mean some major adjustment, but for others, it can be a refreshing change. Especially if you’re the type who have already associated your own bedroom to having difficulties in catching some shuteye, sleeping in a different location may just help you out.

Some experts also credit the professional grade bedclothes used by hotels in helping people fall asleep better. Since most luxury hotels wouldn’t use a bed linen that has a thread count lower than 300, comfort is most commonly ensured. Also, as most homes do not pay attention to how they dress up their beds, a change like this can create a wonderful impact to your slumber.

2. A lot of sun and exercise.

salem beds vacation sleep

Vacations are usually associated with a lot of physical activities and staying out under the sun. Whether it’s a few days out by the beach, frolicking in the mountains, or just exploring a new city can give you a good deal of exercise and some time out in the sunshine. It offers some difference to going to work every morning and getting stuck in your cubicle the whole day. Vacations usually subject you to fun activities that will leave you tired, excited, and happy, so a good night’s rest is more than welcome.

Being out in the sun is also a great way to reset your circadian rhythm, according to experts. Exposure to the sun gets your body back on track, and lets your body clock work according to how it’s programmed. After a few days of an outdoor adventure and getting a lot of sun, you’ll surely get to cool down by night fall and doze off to sleep at a regular hour.

3. A lower temperature.

salem beds vacation sleep

Being away on a trip usually comes with a stay in a nice hotel, so cranking up the AC without worrying about the electric bill is something a lot of vacationers get to enjoy. By lowering the temperature, cuddling can be a lot more comfortable, as well as falling asleep.


The best thing about this list is that you can easily take notes and adopt them to your everyday life so you can sleep like you’re on a vacation even while at home. Combine it with an excellent Salem bed and you’ll surely be able to get quality slumber in no time.


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