What Makes Hotel Beds so Comfortable?

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Whether you are a fan of staycations or you just travel a lot for work, odds are, you can agree to what a lot of people claim that hotel beds are typically comfortable. Some may even say that staying at hotels gives them much better sleep as compared to the evenings they have spent at home, in their own beds. But did you ever wonder why hotel beds are so comfortable? And how can you take that comfort home?

From what we’ve gathered online, there are a few reasons that can make hotel beds more comfortable than your bed at home. Some of the plausible answers include:

1. Hotel mattresses are created in a different manner, sometimes with a different set of materials.

Unlike mattresses that are designed for home use, hotel beds are commonly specific to the needs of the hotel’s target market. It is created to be specially cozy and equipped with certain features that can’t be easily found in other mattresses in the market.

2. Hotel beds are used less.

According to experts, hotel beds tend to be used less than your bed at home. Especially since not every hotel room is typically booked every night of the year.  In some cases, hotel mattresses only get used 3 nights per week, letting them breathe and recover. Daily use, of course, has some impact on your mattress’ feel, as it wears it out a little bit more everyday.

3. Hotels tend to replace their mattresses every few years or so.

Some may say a lot of things about hotels, but if there’s one thing quality establishments do not forget doing, it’s to replace their mattresses every few years or so. This ensures that their main tools of the trade are in great shape, as older mattresses can easily create problems for sleepers.

4. Hotel beds are maintained by a trained staff.

As we here at Salem beds constantly advise the public, maintenance is another important thing when it comes to getting the most out of your mattress. Hotel beds, for example, get a longer lease in life because they’re strictly maintained. The mattresses get flipped regularly, allowing even wear and tear, which is basically one of the most important things a homeowner should remember to do.

5. Your mattress may not exactly be suited to your tastes and preferences.

Sometimes, you do not have to look further than your own bedroom in finding the reason why hotel beds are more comfortable. Sometimes, it’s actually your bed that doesn’t give you any comfort at all, so much so other mattresses make you feel better the moment you lay down in them. Maybe it’s really time to find a mattress that will suit your needs and preferences?6. They use high quality beddings.

It’s not just the mattress that can actually make you feel comfortable, experts say. How you dress up your bed also affects the way you feel about your sleeping surface, so investing on some quality bed sheets may help you get the hotel room feel. In most luxury hotels, they only use bed linens that have 300 thread count and above, creating a soft and comfortable sleeping surface for their guests.


So, how do you make your bedroom as comfortable as a hotel bed? Here at Salem beds, we believe that by getting a mattress that matches your needs and preferences will help you get started in creating a comfortable bedroom. Add some nice bedclothes and proper maintenance, and you’ll surely emulate the feel of a hotel bed right inside your home.


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