Graveyard Shift Solution: How to Improve Daytime Sleep

salem beds daytime sleep

In general, humans are wired to be up during the day and asleep during the night. It also helps that through the years, our bodies develop a Circadian rhythm that corresponds to this cycle, allowing us to get woken up by sunlight and induced to sleepiness by the darkness. However, with the boom of the BPO industry in the Philippines, a large chunk of the population now has to live an opposite timeframe, being up during the night for their graveyard shifts, and asleep during the day.

While some people have no issue falling asleep during the day, others may find this challenging. Especially those who are just starting out in the graveyard shift, drifting off to sleep when you can already hear the hustle and bustle outside, not to mention feel the morning heat, can prove to be difficult. So, how do you improve your daytime sleep? Here are some tips:

Get comfortable.

Getting comfortable is essential to help you fall asleep. Sometimes, it might just be your old mattress that’s giving you a hard time falling asleep. Replacing it with a good Salem bed that matches your firmness or softness preference will easily solve this problem. Adding or replacing pillows can also help, so you can find the comfort you need to lull you to sleep.

Prepare for bed.

If you’re not used to sleeping during the day just yet, creating a good bedtime routine will be ideal. This will prepare you and your body for sleep, setting it to something like a “cool down mode.” Some best examples of what you can do to prep yourself for bed include:

1. Reading a book. Picking up a book is a good bedtime routine to have, as it will help you relax and keep you occupied while you’re still not that sleepy. It’s also an excellent alternative to using electronics, which can jolt you awake with its bright lights directed at your face. Just remember to choose a title that will not stress or overly excite you, so you can actually catch some zzz’s immediately.

2. Listen to relaxing music. Going home during the morning rush hour can be a hassle, so to help you calm down and ease in sleep, listen to some music that relaxes you.

3. Take a warm bath. Taking a bath will help cool you down and lower your temperature, leaving you feeling refreshed and ready for sleep.

Cut down the stimulants a few hours before you punch out.

Graveyard shifts can really put your wakefulness to a test, especially if you’re still not used to it. As the night goes on, you may start feeling more sleepy, so turning to stimulants may seem like a good idea. Coffee, energy drinks, and candy bars are just some of the top beverages that can keep you awake, which will all seem tempting once your eyelids are already drooping.

However, succumbing to the urge of staying awake via a sugar and caffeine filled drink will only make your daytime sleeping routine more difficult, especially if you take a cup or two to three hours before you go home. While sugar and caffeine will help you stay awake, it also stays in your system for quite a while that once you go home, you may not even feel sleepy just yet. Add to the fact that it’s light out, and the body is wired to be awake during the day, you may just end up tossing and turning in your bed trying to catch some elusive shuteye all day long.

What you can do as an alternative is to eat some fruits like apples or drink beverages with Gingko Biloba extract. Apples contain natural sugar, which will help you stay awake in a more healthy manner. While it only has a few grams of sugar, it is believed to be an effective pick-me-upper by many. Ginngko Biloba brews, on the other hand have been used as excellent alternatives to coffee since the time of ancient China. It is able to improve blood flow to the brain and extremities, letting you stay alert and awake.

Wear sunglasses when you step out of the office.

Some studies show that avoiding light during the daytime will better help you improve your daytime sleep. This can be because you’re tricking your body to think it’s already dark out, meaning you should be going to bed soon.

Create a more ideal sleeping space.

When it comes to sleeping in the daytime, emulating a night time setting will help you catch some zzz’s easier as you get to trick your body that it is actual your bedtime. To achieve this, here are some things you can do:

1. Darkening your bedroom as much as possible is highly important if you want to get quality daytime sleep. Put up some blackout blinds or curtains to prevent the light from shining through your windows and wear eye masks to further dim the room.

2. Drown out the noise. It is a lot noisier during the day, especially if you live in a busy neighborhood, so drowning the sounds out will help you out drift off easier.

3. Increase the cold temperature if you have air conditioning. Cooler temps will let you fall asleep easier as it offers comfort from the tropical heat.

4. Turn off the electronics. All of your efforts in dimming the lights will be put to waste if you’re going to let yourself be drawn into the world of electronics.

Stick to a schedule.

Setting your Circadian clock the other way around will prove to be a challenge at first, but if you stick to a routine where you sleep all day and work all night, your body will soon get used to it and you’ll find yourself falling asleep in the day without a fuss.


Help yourself adjust faster to a different sleeping schedule by adopting a few bedtime techniques for your graveyard shift. Not because you work during the night does it mean that you don’t have to stay awake all throughout your office hours, so to help you not only to stay awake, but to also assure that you’re productive and alert, make sure to try out the tips above.

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